What is a Host Club?

What is a Host Club? Japan

Many foreigners may be curious about the type of place and activities available in a host club. The charm of a host club is that there are fun things to do that you cannot experience in your everyday life. The hosts treat their guests like princesses, and you can forget about your everyday life and have a good time drinking with them, going all out with the champagne tower, champagne calls, and other things that you wouldn’t usually get to experience! Let us explain in detail why host clubs are so much fun!

What does a host club do?

A host club is where anyone can forget about everyday life and have fun drinking in a cozy space where the hosts entertain the customers! It is also a place where you can refresh yourself and forget all the unpleasant things you do on a daily basis.

The first host club was established in 1965, about 60 years ago. In the old days, host clubs were only known to a few people, and there was a strong perception among the general public that host clubs were dangerous places. Opening hours varied from store to store, catches were commonplace, and few people might have had a good image of them!

It is true that there was a strong negative image about the environment of the hosts working there, such as the difficulties in human relations, including association with gangsters and hierarchical relationships, as well as the strict quotas that were imposed on them. However, the host club industry is becoming cleaner every year. There are more and more hosts who don’t drink or can’t drink, and in terms of pay, the treatment and guarantees are much better than they used to be!

Why are host clubs fun?

You can have fun drinking with the hosts. The hosts working in host clubs are all good-looking men. You could say that having a good time drinking with such cool guys is one of the greatest pleasures of host clubs! Hosts are good conversationalists and never bore their customers, and for those who like good-looking men, just going to a host club is enough fun!

You can forget about everyday life and relieve stress. You can talk about whatever you want to complain about. At host clubs, you don’t have to worry about the content of your conversation. You can complain about work, talk about trivial things, talk about things that don’t matter, talk about little problems—whatever you want to talk about! There are not many people in everyday life with whom you can talk about anything. But in a host club, you can enjoy the rare opportunity to talk about anything. If you can talk about whatever is on your mind without hesitation, you can forget about the worries of everyday life and relieve stress to the fullest!

You can be the star of the show. In a host club, you are treated like a princess! At a host club where you are pampered and treated like a princess, you can be the star of the show. They praise you and encourage you in many ways, doubling which doubles the fun!

It is more fun when you are “in charge”! In most host clubs, once you are assigned to a host, you are assigned to a host permanently. When you have an “assigned” host, you will always be served by the host of your choice, and you can have more fun in your private life, such as having drinks and meals together! Many people look forward to making their assignments higher in the rankings, such as by putting champagne in the bottle or helping with sales.

Host Club Fees

In a host club, the following fees are basically charged:

  • Set charge: A charge that is incurred when taking a seat, even if you do not order anything.
  • Nomination fee: A fee charged when you “nominate” a host of your choice to be seated with you.
  • Drink and food charges: Charges for drinks and food that you order
  • Tax or service charge: Consumption tax plus service charge

The fees charged at host clubs vary considerably from store to store. Looking at this, do you want to go to a host club, but have you given up on going because you think it might be too expensive?

Host clubs have a “first-time fee” for first-time customers, which is much cheaper than the regular fee, so anyone can go! Most of the first-time rates are for all-you-can-drink plans and are based on an hourly rate of 1 or 2 hours. The first-time fee for 1-2 hours is about 3,000 yen.

It might be interesting to visit one when you visit to Japan as a tourist. My recommendation is a host club in Roppongi, Tokyo. The reason is that there are many foreign tourists, so there are more English speakers there than in other areas.