How to become a Yakuza

How to become a Yakuza Anime

The Yakuza appears frequently in anime and manga. Recently, “Tokyo Revengers” became popular in anime as a work in which the Yakuza appears. I also watched the anime and wondered how to become a Yakuza, so I did some research and will share it with you.

How to become a yakuza? 

Most people who become yakuza are originally delinquents and outlaws who have lived a life outside of humanity. Most of them have seniors who became Yakuza and were recruited by them.

Some of their seniors in their hometowns or from their biker gang days became gangsters, and they often follow their seniors to the Yakuza office to get a cup. Many people become Yakuza because their parents are Yakuza. Most people who become Yakuza are coming from bad family backgrounds. It may seem like a glamorous world, but the reality is that becoming a Yakuza does not mean you can afford the luxury. 

First, they live in a room and learn the basics of being a Yakuza. They learn how to clean, eat, and live a regular life, and little by little they learn from their older brothers how to get by and how to behave. To become a full-pledged yakuza, it is important to get a good grounding.

Furthermore, you cannot become a Yakuza if you are foolish. Some elite Yakuza executives are graduates of Tokyo University.It is said that a good knowledge of the law is very useful.

Job Description

Job Description

The following are just some of the jobs available in Japan. 

Debt collection 

Debt collection means collecting debts in response to requests from clients. It is simply put in a collection action. Debt collection is one of the main jobs where Yakuza can make the most of their prestige. In most cases, the yakuza are asked to do this work when there are circumstances that cannot be revealed, such as backroom deals or when it is determined that the debt cannot be collected so the fee will be 50%.  In worst-case scenario, the entire amount will be taken.

Discretionary Fee

A fee to be paid for allowing a business to operate. The fee varies but it can’t be as low as 10,000 yen per month for legitimate casinos and as much as a million yen for illegal casinos.

Yami Finance

A type of financial institution that makes a profit by lending money at high-interest rates to people who cannot legally borrow money.

Cabaret Club, brothel, and dating club management: 

The Yakuza network can be used to attract female staff. However, since women will flee if they find out that the store is under the direct management of the Yakuza, various measures can be taken.

Temporary staffing

Dispatch personnel to construction sites, nuclear power plant workers, etc. They do not mediate clean jobs such as clerks, but often take care of people who were at the bottom of the pyramid, living day to day.

Construction and transportation

Industrial waste disposal, road construction, trucking, etc. They often handle waste and garbage that ordinary companies do not.

Real estate companies

Deals with rental properties in urban areas. They also handle land-raising activities and property auctions.

Illegal drug trafficking

The sale of illegal drugs such as methamphetamine and marijuana has long been a source of funding for gangsters. However, most Yakuza are prohibited from dealing in drugs because they ruin people from the inside out.

Operation of adult websites 

The adult industry has long strong ties with the underworld and the Yakuza use this route to operate adult websites.

Handling of Cramer Customers

Cramming people who have been behaving rudely or unprofessionally in cabaret clubs and brothels.

Working hours

There are no set of working hours. They are always ready to rush to the scene quickly if they are called out for a pair of troubles or in-laws.



When I was a newcomer, I earned almost zero yen when I was on office duty and living in my room. Office duty and other related works in the office are a job for newcomers to the group. They take calls and do miscellaneous work.

The income varies from several hundred thousand yen to several tens millions of yen. The difference in income is quite large depending on the ability of the shinogi. Because of the lack of satisfactory income. Some yakuza also work as truck drivers or construction workers while holding their main jobs.

The annual income of a gang leader ranges from ten millions of yen to several hundred million yen. It varies depending on the number of subordinate members and the status of the gang.

The head of a gang that exists in Japan such as the Yamaguchi-gumi, the Inagawa-kai, and the Sumiyoshi-kai. Their annual income ranges from several hundred million yen to several billion yen. The income is substantial because of the monthly payments collected from dozens or hundreds of subordinate organizations.


Finally, becoming a yakuza brings misfortune to many people, including the families and people around you. You have to live in a strict vertical society and under strict laws. Being a successful yakuza is very difficult, and only a handful of people can make it.

There is no guarantee of a future when you become a yakuza because it can kill you. The crackdown on the yakuza is getting stricter, and it will become more difficult to operate in the future.