How to Finance a Japanese Political Party at 5% Annual Interest

How to Finance a Japanese Political Party at 5% Annual Interest Money

NHK Party, one of the 9 public parties in Japan, has started to ask for loans with 5% annual interest rate, they asked for it on Youtube and in one day they got more than 500 million yen. In this article, we will explain the financial situation of NHK Party and how to apply.

What is NHK Party?

NHK party

The NHK Party is a Japanese political party whose main pledge is to make NHK’s broadcasting scrambled.It was founded in 2013 by Takashi Tachibana, a former NHK employee, who was elected to the House of Councillors in 2019 and entered national politics.

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Financial situation

The political party subsidy was able to receive approximately 12 million yen per month for the 2019 Upper House election. In addition, there are 1,000,000 yen per month for transportation and accommodation, and for legislative expenses was 650,000 yen per month were paid into the party. It amounts to an income of 1.65 million yen per month. In other words, the party’s income is 13.65 million yen per month.

If we look at the expenditure, the salary of Takashi Tachibana is 2.4 million yen per month.  It includes this to the fixed cost such as the maintenance cost of the call center that is 9 million yen, 1.5 million yen has to be prepared as the payment of the interest of the debt, and 4.7 million yen need to be paid to the branch which the local members have. The total of these expenditures was 15.2 million yen, and the income was 13.65 million yen, so we had a monthly deficit of 1.35 million yen.

In the House of Representatives elections in 2021, we won 800,000 votes in each proportional block, and 150,000 votes in each constituency.  Because of that, we will receive 5 million yen for each proportional block, 1 million yen for each constituency, and 6 million yen per month in political party subsidies. 

ven after subtracting the 1 million yen that will be returning to those who run for office, the total will be 3.65 million yen per month.

The reason for seeking the loan is that they need the money to win the upper house election in 2022. The NHK party has offered loans at 10% in the past. 

However, the organization is now broader and more trustworthy than before that they raised over 500 million yen in one day when they asked for a loan at 5%.

How to apply

Takashi Tachibana said in the YouTube that each person can apply for a loan with a minimum of 1 million yen and a maximum of 100 million yen. He also didn’t mention anything about loans from overseas, so we assume it can be done.

You can apply from the following URL.

Google Forms


  • 1,000,000 yen per unit
  • The interest rate is 5% per annum and will be paid by 31 December.
  • Interest for the year 2021 will be calculated on a daily basis from the date of payment to 31 December.
  • For the year 2021, interest will be calculated on a daily basis from the date of deposit to 31 December, and from 2022 onwards, interest will be calculated on 1 January.
  • If you have made multiple payments, we will use the first payment date as the reference date. We will respond to your request for a refund as soon as possible.
  • Please note that your name and address will be published in the NHK Party’s income and expenditure report.
  • We will send you the bank account information by e-mail.

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