The Addiction of Surgical Masks in Japan

The Addiction of Surgical Masks in Japan Japan

It is common nowadays to wear surgical masks due to coronavirus.

However, people in Japan have been wearing surgical masks every day since before the coronavirus broke out. In this article, we will explain why they need to wear surgical masks every day.

The Addiction of Surgical Masks

The Addiction of Surgical Masks

The addiction to surgical masks is a condition in which a person can feel uncomfortable unless his or her face is covered by a mask. The original purpose of wearing a mask is to prevent high fever, colds, dry throats, infections, and to prevent the spreading of coronaviruses and influenza.

However, mask addicts do not wear masks for some purposes, but for some reasons that do not include illness.

Reasons for wearing a surgical mask:

For Beauty reasons:

Reasons for wearing a surgical mask:

 Many women wear masks for cosmetic reasons. The main reasons are as follows:

  • To hide their bare face
  • To cover the mouth because of bad breath
  • To make their face look smaller
  • To prevent dryness of the face while sleeping
  • UV protection while outside

Anxiety relief

Many people wear surgical masks as a tool to relieve anxiety in interpersonal relationships.

The main reasons are the following :

  • You don’t want people to see your face.
  • You can go shopping without being noticed
  • You have a complex about your face.
  • You can talk to people more calmly when you wear a mask.
  • You are worried about communication but feel more comfortable when you wear a mask.
  • You feel more confident when you wear a mask.

Age group and gender most likely  become addicted to surgical masks women in their 20s and 30s are most to be affected. The ratio between men and women who lack self-confidence or are afraid of interacting with their surroundings is almost the same, but women are more aesthetically conscious and more aware of how they are perceived by others. Women who lack self-confidence and want to deny themselves by social contacts are more reason to become dependent on surgical masks.

Impact on daily life

Impact on daily life

The constant need in wearing a surgical mask may have an impact on daily life. For example, wearing a surgical mask while taking a bath or playing sports is not a good idea. Hiding your face can have a negative effect on your ability to communicate with other people, such as at meetings or negotiations. Showing your face can help to facilitate the negotiation process. Especially if you are going to meet someone for the first time, the person might have a bad impression.