Characteristics of Woman who are Easily Targeted by Kept Man

Characteristics of Woman who are Easily Targeted by Kept Man Love

What is a kept man?

A man who relies heavily on women

In general, the term “kept man” refers to a man who is dependent on a woman, mainly in terms of finances and lifestyle. 

A common example of this is a man who lives with a woman, but only she works, and he has no income.
Although some men do not earn a living, they do the housework in place of the busy woman; however, because this type of man is similar to a “full-time house-husband,” he cannot be referred to as a “kept man.” 
A man who relies on a woman for all of his personal and financial needs and who is not independent but dependent on her is a kept man.

For some reason, they are often popular with women. Although kept men are dependent on women for all aspects of their lives, they tend to be popular with women for some reason. This is not only because many kept men tend to have a better appearance than others, but also because they have a way of behaving that wins women’s hearts. For example, if a woman feels down for some reason, a kept-man type man will immediately call out to her and tenderly accompany her heart. This is a big difference considering that most men have a hard time noticing changes in other people’s feelings. It is because they are able to handle women’s hearts and minds, well that they are able to become kept men who are allowed to depend on women.

Characteristics common to Kept Man

Very gentle

The kept man type man has a special kindness that makes women think, “What a kind man he is!” They are always kind to women, taking the initiative in carrying a woman’s luggage, walking on the side of the road, rubbing a woman’s shoulders when she comes home from work, telling her how hard she is working, and so on. However, the key point here is that the kindness shown by a “kept man” is limited to the extent that it does not cost money. In the case of a kept man, he can give kind words and actions as much as he wants, but he cannot be expected to do anything that requires money, such as giving gifts or going out on a date. A kept-man makes women think that he is a kind man who always devotes himself to them, even though he does not spend money.

Good at taking advantage of others

One of the characteristics of a “kept man” is that he is good at getting into other people’s good graces, and is good at pampering and relying on others. 
In general, men tend to value their social position, pride, and appearance. Therefore, they unconsciously think, “I don’t want to show my weakness,” and if they have a problem, they will try to solve it on their own. 
On the other hand, the kept man does not hesitate to ask for what he needs. When a kept man makes a request with an innocent smile, a woman’s maternal instincts are tickled and she cannot help but respond to the request.

Running away from unpleasant things

The kept man type tends to be hedonistic, seeking enjoyment and pleasure. 
They are not good at hard work and endurance. Whether it is work or relationships, they will try to escape as soon as possible from things they find “unpleasant or troublesome.” 
Especially at work, when they have to learn difficult things or bow down to others, they cannot help but feel “why did I do this?” 
It is the kept man who chooses to rely on women to survive because he does not last long in a typical job.

Women who are easily targeted by kept-men

Do not have much experience in love

The first characteristic of a woman who is easily targeted by a kept man is that she has little experience with love in the past. Women who have little experience of love do not know how to communicate with men in a relationship. They are likely to accept a man’s advances and be a target for a man who is skilled at handling women. 
If you have a feeling that you don’t know what love is like or don’t have a positive image of love, you should be wary that you may be an easy target for a kept-man. You may need to be wary of this type of person.

Lack of self-confidence and loneliness

A kept man is looking for a woman who can fulfill all of his needs and is easy to control. Given these conditions, a woman who is confident and able to fulfill her life on her own is not an appropriate target. This is because this type of woman tends to seek a man who is as independent as she is and will not consider a kept-man as a romantic object. 
On the other hand, a lonely woman who lacks self-confidence and is looking for someone to be by her side is the ideal woman for a kept man. As soon as he has his sights set on her, he will try to get into her heart and secure his place in her life.

Rich women

A kept man, who relies on women for almost all of his living and entertainment expenses, naturally seeks a woman who has money to spare. No matter how easy she is to handle, he will not choose a woman who does not have enough money to cover her own needs. Specifically, a career woman who has enough money and at the same time is looking for comfort and relaxation is the type of woman who can be easily targeted by a kept-man.