How to Get a Japanese Boyfriend

How to Get a Japanese Boyfriend Love

Many people would like to have a well-behaved and polite Japanese boyfriend.

In this article, we will introduce how to get a Japanese boyfriend.


Pairs (Dating app)

dating app in Japan

Pairs is a large-scale matching app with one of the largest memberships in Japan! The app is well-known and is recommended for those who want to meet more people.

The male-to-female ratio is 7:3 and men are charged, so it is easy to be approached by men with a higher level of having serious results. However, the competition is high due to a large number of registered users, so you need to be very creative with your profile.

If you can make the effort to match and want to use a matching app that attracts a lot of people, by all means, try using Pairs♪.

Ask a friend for an introduction

It is also recommended to ask friends to introduce you to Japanese men. Many couples have even been married as a result of introductions or friend recommendations. Just ask: ‘Is there anyone who is a good match for me?’ / ‘Can you recommend me to someone that is a good match for me?’

If you are introduced by a friend, it is recommended that you communicate with him several times beforehand, for example on LINE, rather than meeting him immediately. If you get to know each other before you meet, you will be less nervous when you meet in person, and you will be able to show each other your natural side.

Things you should do to get a Japanese boyfriend

Study fashion and make-up

‘People are what’s on the inside! It’s not about appearances!” There is nothing you can do about it. However, appearance is just as important as what is inside. It is said that first impressions are especially determined mostly by the way you look. Thus,  study fashion and put on make-up carefully to make a good impression at your first meeting.

The most important thing is cleanliness/ being neat. If your hair is shaggy or your clothes are shabby, it’s a disaster. Take care of your hair frequently and always try to keep it clean.

It is important to be trendy

Old make-up and fashions are not favored by men. It is not necessary to follow all the trends, but it is wise to have a certain sense of being trendy.

Make a research and find out what’s trendy at the moment and what kind of make-up looks cute. The more you put work into it, the more polished/refined you’ll look!

Express your emotions


It is important to smile as much as possible, but this does not mean you have to stifle your emotions. It is better to be honest about your feelings so that people can understand who you are and drop all pretense.

Men find women cute who express their joy emotionally, especially when they are truly happy. People who are less expressive do not look very attractive.

You may be embarrassed at first meeting, but try making different facial expressions and gestures in the mirror. This training will help you to express your emotions effectively.

Praise hidden advantages

When you praise Japanese men for their hidden strengths- even the smallest ones, they will be impressed that you see them so well. This is very effective as Japanese men are often timid and lack self-confidence which shows that you are only giving all your attention to them. 

Giving compliments is enough. For example, while driving, you can say, “I’ve always thought you had a great sense of direction! Men are very happy just to be told ‘I’m directionally challenged’.

It’s more effective to say, “I’ve always thought about it” or “I’ve thought about it for a long time” before complimenting him on his strengths.

Confide in him about your problems

A great way to get out of a friendship zone is to confide your problems and secrets. Japanese men will be glad to know that they have your trust, as people will only talk about deep things with someone they trust. When Japanese men see a woman in distress, they want to protect and help her. It is common for them to become a great confidante while discussing their problems.