7 Tips for First Dates with Japanese Man

7 Tips for First Dates with Japanese Man Love

This section explains what to look out for when going on a first date with a Japanese man.

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Be at the meeting place 10 minutes before

The beginning of everything is crucial. Just as it is easier to get your day off to a good start in the morning when you wake up, so too. is the start of a date. In other words, don’t be late for the meeting. It will cause him to be less enthusiastic, and you will lose the start of the date.

In particular, the more solid Japanese men are, the more likely they are to secretly have a negative opinion of women who are not punctual in their minds. You need to be prepared to arrive 10 minutes early at the latest. If you have a tendency to always arrive five minutes late, calculate that you will arrive 20-30 minutes early to give yourself more time to spare.

Prepare carefully

If you are meeting alone for the first time, the rendezvous is the time to make a first impression. It is said that an impression is made on a person within just 5-10 seconds of a meeting. This is known in psychology as the ‘beginning effect’, meaning that first impressions have a significant impact on subsequent decisions.

In other words, if you are suddenly late on a first date, you risk being branded as a woman who is loose with time. Take measures to avoid being late, especially on the first date, in case of problems such as forgetting something or traffic disruption. To aim for a good initial effect, you should arrive at the meeting place ahead of time, fix your hair and clothes, and make sure you are in perfect condition to greet him.

Choose shoes that are comfortable to walk in and clothes that are easy to move in

If you are going out to the movies or shopping, you may want to dress more stylishly than usual. However, from a man’s point of view, a woman’s walking pace and behavior can seem slow, which can be irritating if he is impatient. Fashion is important on a date, but the ease of movement is also a must. Make sure you dress with ease of walking and movement in mind.

However, it is nonsense to show up in sneakers or trousers in front of a guy who likes feminine styles. Choose low-heeled pumps and skirts that are not too short, and keep your taste to his liking. A knee-length A-line skirt is also recommended to create a classy impression.

Match your finances

Match your finances.

One of the factors that can cause couples to have different values is money. This difference is particularly easy to highlight on a date. If you start to feel a discrepancy in the choice of restaurants for tea or dinner, or the amount of money you spend on clothes, the longer you are together, the greater the discrepancy may become.

However, it is very difficult to meet someone whose senses match exactly in the first place. In order to avoid him feeling that you don’t quite fit in with him, you need to compromise on your partner’s financial sense.

For example, if he has made a reservation at a restaurant that is a bit richer for you, then you should happily say yes and enjoy the moment. If you suggest the next restaurant yourself and subtly show them your values, it will be easier for you to aim for a relationship that is comfortable for both of you.

On the other hand, if she only chooses fast food or cheap pubs, ask her, “How about this kind of restaurant once in a while?” and invite him out to a restaurant of your choice. He will be happy to know what you like. Don’t hold back just because you don’t want to look bad, but encourage mutual respect for each other’s tastes.

Check early on that there are no irreconcilable differences

If you are considering a serious relationship, check your partner’s financial situation at an early stage. It is important to check the differences because if there is an uncompromising discrepancy, it is likely to lead to a sad development in a long relationship.

When ordering in restaurants, pay attention to their menu selection tendencies. You can get an idea of his attitude towards money just by getting a sense of whether he prioritizes what he wants to eat and drink, or whether he focuses on what is reasonably priced. Some people may save money on food and drink, but have looser purse strings when it comes to hobbies and fashion. Casually check his clothes, bag brands, and cars to see if he spends according to his income.

Be respectful of the person who buys you a drink

Always take out your wallet, even if he offers to pay for a meal or tea. If you think that you “deserve” to be treated to a meal, it will come across to the other person. When you ask someone to buy you a drink, it is good manners to show that you are willing to pay too and to thank him with a grateful expression of gratitude.

If he is older and there is an age difference, refrain from holding out your wallet in front of the cashier. To make him feel welcome, ask him to pay in full on the spot and show your willingness to pay after you have left the shop.

Enjoy the date yourself

It is important to try to make him enjoy himself, but you cannot truly enjoy yourself if you are always looking at the other person’s face. In order for the other person to enjoy themselves, the most important thing is to try to enjoy themselves first. During a date, what he wants most is to see you smile.

If you don’t want to be disliked, or if you don’t want to show him that you’re acting weird, it will put pressure on you and cloud your expression. If you are positive and want to be with him and get to know him better, your smile will be more lively and natural.