Marriage Fraud in Japan

Marriage Fraud in Japan Love

What do you think of when you hear the term “marriage fraud”? Marriage fraud refers to the act of approaching a person of the opposite sex with the intention of marrying him or her, and then cheating them out of money or goods, even though they have no intention of getting married.

In recent years, the number of victims of marriage scams has been increasing rapidly, due to the marriage activity boom. It is said that the number of marriage scams recognized by the police is only the tip of the iceberg, as victims often end up crying themselves to sleep. In addition, although men are more likely to be victims, in recent years, women are increasingly becoming targets. With this alarming issue, we will further discuss their tactics and details.

The first tactic they use is when they pretend to be interested in you and approach you at a marriage activity party or on a marriage activity website.

Starting to meet a man who looks like an ideal prince for you will suddenly appear one day. He is good-looking, well-paid, and kind to you. He approaches you with his words and you become lovers within a short time after meeting him. 

Second, he becomes your lover and flirts with the idea of marriage.

Once you start dating, he frequently invites you out on dates at your convenience. He will treat you to a nice dinner at a fancy restaurant, and he will also please you with sweet words. You are elated. The two of you quickly deepen your relationship, and soon he begins to flirt with the idea of marriage, saying things like, “When we get married…” 

Next in line is the parental accident or business failure. Where there are such circumstances that he tries to borrow money from you for some reason, such as his parents’ accident or business failure. By that time, you become lovers and he starts flirting with the idea of marriage and sooner you will be completely in love with him.

However, as your feelings for him grow more intense, his attitude gradually cools down. You feel a little uneasy when he contacts you less frequently, dates less often, and expresses less affection than he did when you first started dating. Suddenly, he tells you that he is having financial difficulties.You see him discouraged, saying, “I can’t be a burden to you ,but if I don’t do this, I might not be able to marry you. “and you end up giving him money. 

On top of that, the debt keeps increasing. He smiles and utters promises such as, “Thank you, I will pay you back!”. Or he can say as well, “I’ll pay you back! You are happy to help your loved one out of a tight spot.”

However, his promises are never fulfilled, and not only that, after a while, he comes to you again asking for money, saying, “I’m sorry,”with so many reasons. Each time, you are so eager to do something to help him that you end up complying with his request. On rare occasions, he may return 10,000 or 20,000, but the speed of his borrowing is much faster and the debt continues to increase.

The next one is the challenging one, when he may suddenly disappear. 

All the money he had been saving diligently for his wedding has been spent. There is no more money to lend him any more. At that moment, he suddenly disappears. His cell phone is not working, and when you contact his place of employment, you are told that there is no such person, or the company itself does not exist. It is only at this point that you finally realize that he is not there. You are now faced with the hopeless fact that you have little or no personal information about him and no clue as to his whereabouts.

Characteristics of Marriage Swindlers

Too perfect for your ideal.

Marriage activity sites and social networking sites are ideal for marriage scammers to find their targets. They dig up information about their target women and then proceed.

By digging up profiles and past diaries, they can find out the type of women they like, their views on love, and in some cases, even their history of love affairs. With that much information, it is easy for marriage scammers to play the role of the ideal man for their target.

Getting close quickly after meeting.

Marriage scammers have built themselves up to their target’s ideal, but no matter how professional they are, there is always a risk that they will come unstuck if they have been together for a long period of time. Their strategy is basically short-term. Instead of taking their time to build up a mutual distance, they speed things up by dating and getting engaged, as soon as they meet each other. 

See each other frequently until they ask for money.

Marriage scammers frequently ask for dates in the early stages of a relationship. This is not only to get close to the target quickly, but also to block her from interacting with anyone other than herself by holding up all of her personal plans. By making the woman dependent on you and isolated from her friends, she is less likely to talk to someone about her debt problems if they arise later.

Do not give out personal information.

Many victims of marriage scams say that they only know the other person’s line.

In order to be able to disappear quickly at any time, marriage scammers give their targets only the minimum amount of personal information. Some of them, even if they give you their cell phone or home number, will try to prevent women from contacting them by saying, “This is my company cell phone,” or “I’m often sleeping at home.