Timing of Cohabitation

Timing of Cohabitation Love

Some people may want to live together with the person they love in order to spend more time and get to know their significant other better before getting married.

In this issue, we would like to introduce when you should start living together with your significant other and when you should ask him to move in with you.

Opportunities for couples to begin cohabiting

Milestones such as employment or job change

Many couples begin  to coincide cohabitation with a milestone in their careers, such as when they start working or change jobs.

It seems to be simple for them to say, “It’s a good opportunity, so why don’t you move in with me? “, especially when a couple needs to move out of their home for work reasons, or when they move out of their parents’ home when they start working.”

When renewing an apartment

If you are living in a rented apartment, it is the time to renew the lease.

Even couples who have not thought about cohabitation before may decide to move out at the time of renewal and ask, “Do we wish to live together in a larger apartment?” This is one of the reasons why couples often think of “apartment renewal” as an opportunity to move into a new apartment.

In this case, “apartment renewal” may be a good reason to start cohabitation.


More and more couples are moving in together after a marriage proposal and before the wedding or registration of their marriage.

Since they are going to live together sooner or later, many people are thinking that they will have more time for their marriage life by getting all the moving and cohabitation stuffs done ahead of time.

Even for weddings, there are many decisions to be made, such as who to invite to the wedding, the food, the dress, etc. Living together is much easier than living separately.

Tips for asking your boyfriend to move in with you

Tell him that you can save money

If you both live alone, it is a bit of a waste to pay rent separately.Tell them that living together will save you money on rent and living expenses, and if you are a couple planning to get married, you can save money for your marriage and  life after, so there are financial benefits to this.

Tell them that you will no longer see each other

Couples who work different hours or have conflicting holidays often find it difficult to make plans, and dates are often cancelled due to sudden work commitments.

By living together, you won’t have to force one of you to fit in with the other’s schedule, and you can eliminate your differences.

Couples who often have conflicting work schedules should let each other know that they can make good use of each other’s time.

Find the right time to move or renew your lease

As mentioned earlier, many couples begin living together at the time of a move or apartment renewal.

Watch for the timing of his apartment renewal or move, and let him know that you would like to live in a larger house, that you both live far away from each other, and that it is a hassle for you to move.

It is difficult to say “Let’s move in together” when there is nothing going on, but men are willing to move in if there is a reason and the timing is right.

Tell them that they don’t have to put their lover first on their days off

Couples who are both busy with work and only see each other on holidays tend to put their lover first on their days off.

This can result in less time for hobbies and hanging out with friends, which can lead to mutual dissatisfaction.

If you live together, you can spend casual time together, so there is no need to leave holidays open for your lover. You can enjoy each other’s free time.