Characteristics of Japanese  womanizer 

Characteristics of Japanese womanizer Love

Everyone wants to have a happy love life.

However, not all men are faithful. Some men will approach you for fun, and you will not be happy with them. To find a happy relationship, you must meet someone who loves you deeply.

However, playful men are accustomed to treating women in a playful manner, and it is difficult to spot them. To avoid being played by a playful man, it is important to know the characteristics of playful men and how to recognize them.

The characteristics of a Japanese womanizer

Good body-touching

Playful men are good at body touching. Many men have ulterior motives and secretly want to touch a woman if they can.

However, it is awkward to touch a woman when meeting her for the first time. Most men have ulterior motives but are unable to act on them. However , men who are accustomed to treating women well can body-touch even when meeting for the first time. These playful men are very good at tricking women. They treat women well and make them feel special to the extent of being able to touch their bodies even when they meet for the first time. As a result, these women feel nervous Womanizers know how to make a woman feel nervous.

Therefore, even if they meet for the first time, they may use body touch to close the distance between them. Womanizers are also very good at casual body touching.

They can touch someone while complimenting them on their beautiful nails or connect with them while calling out to them. If they are good at body touching, it means that they have done it many times.

In contrary, if a man touches you but does so awkwardly, you can assume that he is not used to playing with you. Men who are good at body touching may be playful, so be careful.

Frequent contact

Playful men are characterized by frequent contact. Men, by nature, have a more straightforward approach to relationships. They are not good at reading the feelings of others, so they do not place much importance on the frequency or content of contact.

For this reason, many couples fight because of “slow communication” or “plain” content.

On the other hand, playful men contact their target very frequently. This is also because they are aware of a woman’s feelings.

Women place a high value on contact from men because they measure the extent of their affection through concrete actions and words.

Knowing this, womanizers actively contact women they have feelings for.

However, this does not necessarily mean that they will contact you every time.

Womanizers have other women they are keeping, so they must contact them efficiently.

Once they get to a certain level of intimacy, they will spend more time with women with whom they have not yet developed a rapport.

If you find that a man is contacting you frequently in the beginning, but after a while, she stops contacting you, be careful.

There is a possibility that the man has identified  you as

“a woman who can be contacted at any time”.

Good at giving compliments

Womanizers are good at giving compliments.

No one feels bad about being praised, right? Playful men are aware of this psychology and maintain a positive attitude toward praise. Men are more insensitive than women.

Because they see things in a cursory manner, they may not notice even the slightest change, no matter how much they like the person they are with.

Men rarely say things like, “I cut my bangs and you didn’t notice,” or “I got my nails done and you didn’t notice.” Many men judge a man based on rough information, so they do not notice such small things.

On the other hand, playful men can notice small changes and particulars in women.

They will point out small details, such as, “Your nails are so cute,” or “That’s a fashionable bag.” It would be nice to receive a pinpoint compliment for one’s own specialties, wouldn’t it?

Men who are playful know exactly what women are particular about this little things, so they can give accurate compliments.

If you feel that he always gives you precise compliments, there is a possibility that he is a playboy. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Good escort

Womanizers are good escorts.

Playful  men are used to treating women well and are able to escort women well even when they meet for the first time. Playful men know what makes women happy and can choose the most efficient route. They know where to go on dates, where to shop, and how to behave on dates, all of which are tailored to a woman’s preferences.

This makes for a very satisfying date for the woman. Many women are attracted to men who escort them smartly. However, being a good escort means that the escort has been there and done that. Even if you have carefully planned and simulated your date course, they are bound to have a few mistakes. The fact that a man can successfully escort a woman without being swayed by mistakes or errors is a result of an actual experience.

It is easy to become preoccupied with the ideal date, but this is the point where you can tell if you are with a playful person or not.

If he seems to have the right points that women would enjoy, he may be a playful person.

Since it is difficult to tell from just one date, try to discern this from your daily interactions.


Playful men are surprisingly lonely. Men who actively try to get involved with women may have a lonely personality. Even if they act cheerful on the surface, they lack self-esteem and want their loneliness to be filled.

Some men want to feel secure with women, and because of seeking too much, they become playful. Many men are looking for comfort and solace from women in no small measure.

However, if it is not a girlfriend, they will not show their weakness overtly and will not play with women. Men who are playful are lonely, and they play with women to fill their insecurities.

Their actions and words may seem light, but they are trying to get attention to maintain their emotional stability.