Why Japanese Women Want to be Housewives

Why Japanese Women Want to be Housewives Love

Data shows that one-third of married Japanese women are full-time housewives. Although this is only the author’s experience, more than half of Japanese women want to become full-time housewives. The reasons for this are explained below.

They want to concentrate on raising children

The most common and strongest reason is children. It is to speak, instinct for women to want to have childrens.

Of course, there are some who do not, but the majority of women want to have childrens. It is possible to get married and have children and still continue to work.

In reality, however, it is not so easy. There are many cases where maternity or childcare leave cannot be taken as expected. and there are also many cases of maternity harassment. In addition, in order to raise children while continuing to work, the cooperation of husbands is essential, but the current situation is that the maternity leave rate for men is extremely low. Therefore, if one actually desires to have children and wants to prioritize child rearing, becoming a full-time housewife is the best option. In particular, those who desire multiple children or “ideal child-rearing” will often choose the path of a full-time housewife.

They do not like to work outside the home 

Many women want to be full-time housewives for passive reasons. One of the most common reasons is that they “don’t want to work outside their home. Some are lazy to begin with and find it painful to go to work at a certain time every day. Others are not good at interpersonal work.. others are not good at building relationships in the workplace, or uncomfortable with hierarchical relationships. As described in the previous section, this is not a positive reason for “devoting oneself to child-rearing,” but a negative reason for “choosing to devote oneself to housework because one does not like to work. In reality, however, housework is not so easy. In addition, when you have children, you will have to deal with relationships with your mother’s, friends and you may also have to engage in “outside work” such as PTA. This in turn will make you feel that it would be easier to work at a company. This is why some people want to start working after they have children, and not for economic reasons.

They have problems with their current job

It is not that this person dislikes working outside the home or is lazy and wants to have it easy. This is a case where the person has a real problem with his/her current job or workplace. or have a specific concern. Most people who work have some kind of problem or trouble, but most of them will continue to work gamely to make a living. However, for women, marriage is a chance to be free from such problems. If those worries are big, or if you have low stress tolerance, you may think, “I shoud quit the company when I get married. They may think, “I will quit my job when I get married, and choose to leave the company on their own.This is another wrong reason for making this choice. There are some cases, and not a small number of them, in which people say, “I am getting married because I want to quit my current job.

Physical weakness

There is also a more serious reason: the person is frail, prone to illness, and has practical difficulties in balancing housework and work. These people often do not work outside the home, but live at home with their parents and help with housework, or they work at a company, but often take time off. The daily housework alone takes a toll on their bodies, and if they have children, they will have their hands full raising them. Even for physically strong people, this is a difficult task, so for those who are frail by nature, it can be a daunting undertaking. It is natural for such a person to choose to be a full-time housewife, and it is a wise choice for the partner as well. 

I like financially strong men

One of the common characteristics of women who say that they have always wanted to be a full-time housewife is that they like men who are financially strong. When a little girl says, “I want to be a bride,” she almost 100% imagines being a full-time housewife. The image of a “bride” is that she stays at home and takes care of the house. This image is supported by the economic power of the husband-to-be. When you are a child, of course, you do not think that much. However, when they reach a certain age, their dream of “becoming the wife of a financially strong man”. becomes more concrete. It is an instinct for women to desire a financially strong man. So, this is a very natural and straightforward reason.