Who pays for the date with the Japanese?

Who pays for the date with the Japanese? Love

Japanese men should pay for the date! Although there are not as many Japanese women as there used to be, it seems that many Japanese women still want Japanese men to pay for their dates. According to a survey of Japanese women conducted by City Living Web, about 70% of Japanese women said that they want Japanese men to pay for their dates.

Japanese Men’s True Desire to Buy a Drink on the First Date:

Japanese men who would like to buy a drink on a first date have the following reasons: First, because it is their first date, they want to impress their date. Secondly, Japanese men want to express their feelings toward the Japanese woman they are going out with. Third, Japanese men are simply generous to buy a drink for the first date. On the other hand, some Japanese men believe that it is practical for the couple to “split the bill.

Actual Percentage of the Date Expenses:

Who pays for the date? According to a survey of Japanese men, about 35% said, “I usually pay” and about 40% said “I pay more,” indicating that more than 70% of Japanese men pay more than Japanese women for dates. Even if they really want to “split the bill,” it seems that this is not always the case.

Japanese men’s true feelings toward Japanese women who do not want to pay for dates:

Japanese men often pay for dates, but they have the following opinions about Japanese women: “I don’t think it’s fair to take it for granted that someone is buying me a drink.” “At the very least, they should show their gratitude.” “I want them to show me their gratitude at least.” “Women don’t understand the feelings of Japanese men who offers to pay the expenses of the dinner date.”

What makes Japanese men happy?

Japanese women want to show their appreciation when a Japanese man buys them a drink. First and foremost, “Thank you or thank you for the meal” is important. Even if you are close to the person who bought you a drink, or paid the bill, be sure to say it properly. It is also very important to express how happy and joyful you are by saying, “It was delicious” or “I had fun.”

Japanese women who do not leave the cost of a date to Japanese men are loved by Japanese women. Even if a Japanese man tries to pay for your date or meal, you should be willing to pay for it yourself by taking out your wallet or asking how much it is. It is important to show that you are willing to pay for the date or meal by offering your wallet or asking how much it is. It is also good to say things like, “Next time I will pay for it,” or “I will pay for the tea.” The important thing is to remember to be considerate of the other person.


Many Japanese men would like to pay for the date, but their financial situation prevents them from doing so, or they would prefer to split the bill but are hesitant to say so. Many Japanese men may be proud of their masculinity and find it difficult to express their true feelings. One option is to establish a rule between the two of you about the cost of the date or to express your gratitude in another way. Japanese women can split the bill  in order to maintain a good relationship.