5 Tips for Third Dates with Japanese Woman

5 Tips for Third Dates with Japanese Woman Love

How to Ask for a Date

The success of a third date begins at the invitation stage, so when asking for a third date, it is a good idea to subtly convey that this date will be a different than the previous ones. When asking for a third date, subtly let them know that this date will be special for the both of you, and that it will not be just a fun date like the previous ones, such as “I want to talk about something important.”

If she doesn’t feel the same way, she will realize at this point that you are about to confess your feelings for her, and she will have found an excuse some way or another to decline the date. To avoid any blank stares, it is recommended that you foreshadow a confession at the invitation stage. If she turns you down, it means that she is not ready to confess her feelings to you yet, or that she is not conscious of you as a member of the opposite sex. You need to take a little more time and make her turn her feelings towards you.

If she agrees to the third date, it is a sure sign that she likes you. If nothing happens on the third date, some women will assume you don’t have a pulse, so keep your spirits up.

Check the content and frequency of chats

Women know in their mind that a third date is very special. Principally, they will not go out on three dates with a man they think nothing of. If she accepts your invitation for a date, the probability that she has a pulse increases significantly.

However, the game is still up in the air. Many men feel as if they have accomplished their mission once the date is accepted.

It is a common mistake for men to feel relieved after having successfully arranged a date and neglect to contact you afterwards. If your contact with her suddenly stops after the date is set, she may feel a little cold. In order to greet the day of the date with the best of intentions, it is essential to follow up with her in detail. After the date has been set, keep in touch with her daily through chat rooms or other means.

Choosing the right place for the date

If you want to make the third date special, the right venue with the best atmosphere must be chosen. A common mistake men make is to take you to their favorite restaurant to let you get to know their normal selves! She will be dressed up for the third date. If the place is too routine, she will be disappointed. It is safe to take her to a place you are familiar with only after you have officially started dating.

For the third date, the rule of thumb is to choose a place that she will be happy to go to, not a place that you want to take her. Choose a place with a romantic night view, a restaurant that is a little taller, a theme park she likes, or some other special place. Give her likings more importance.

You should also plan in advance where you will confess your feelings. If you give the impression that you confess your feelings in a haphazard manner, it will not convey the severity of your feelings. It will also make it difficult for her to give you the OK, so be very mindful.


Be careful not to talk too much on your date so that you don’t miss the signs of an OK for a confession. Ask the other person to talk a lot and find out if she is positive about your relationship.

On the third date, both parties should be at their most excited. If you don’t take the third date a step further, the date will remain incomplete and you may not be able to get back into the romantic atmosphere afterwards.

After the midpoint of the date, ask, “What are you looking for in a boyfriend? What kind of man are you attracted to? Women sometimes take precautions to avoid being told off by someone they are not interested in. If she mentions a man who is the complete opposite of you as her type, you can assume that she is implying that she is not interested in you.

On the other hand, if she lists “serious and kind” or other general criteria that you might also fit, it is a sign that she has a pulse.


Skinship is a clear distinction between friends and lovers. Skin-to-skin contact can bring two people closer together. However, it should be noted that some women think that holding hands and kissing should only be done after a relationship has officially started. If you ignore their feelings and proceed forcefully, it may result in them losing their interest in you.

It is a common belief in love that you should kiss on the third date, but don’t get caught up in the manual and lose sight of the essence of the relationship. If you are in such a hurry to get to a kiss on the third date, you will lose sight of the other person’s feelings. Make a flexible decision as to whether you should push all the way or pull back depending on your date’s signs.

If you do not see any signs of reluctance when you casually touch each other, you can assume that skinship is okay. It is difficult for women to initiate contact, so it is important for men to take the primary initiative. If your confession is successful, you should hold hands on the way home. It will make you feel like a lover.