Reasons for the high divorce rate of international marriages in Japan

Reasons for the high divorce rate of international marriages in Japan Love

The divorce rate for international couples is higher than for Japanese couples. This is due to the differences in culture, language, the greater stress on the person who has immigrated to the other country and differences in attitudes toward various issues.

Reasons for the high divorce rate among international marriages

The following are some of the reasons why the divorce rate is higher for international couples than for Japanese couples:

Differences in culture and language

Naturally, each country has its own culture and language. When you marry a foreigner, you have to leave behind your conventional wisdom and adapt to the culture and language of the other person. However, there are couples who fail to adapt to the new culture and language, and some of them end up in bankruptcy.

High stress on the immigrant side

When couples move to the country of residence of the other party for international marriage, the stress may be lighter at the beginning, but will gradually build up to the point where it becomes unbearable and some couples end up divorcing.

Different child-bearing methods

Often, the values of child-bearing in different countries are completely different. When non reconcilable disagreements come up on the issue, divorce may result.

Unpleasant relationships with relatives

There are many countries where people have extremely close relationships with their relatives and exchange money with each other on a daily basis, which are completely different from those in Japan. There is a pattern of stress buildup and divorce due to being stuck in the Japanese way of thinking.

Incompatible temperamental behaviors 

There are many cases where the temperaments of both parties do not match. Many Japanese people are relatively calm, and they may not be able to keep up with the other person’s temperament.

The number of marriages with foreign women is higher.

According to national data from 2018, there were about 15,000 marriages with foreign women, while the number of marriages with foreign men was about 6,800. The difference between the two is approximately 2.2 times.

The overwhelming majority of Japanese men married partners are Asians such as Chinese, Korean, and Filipinos, accounting for more than 2/3 of the total, and the number of Westerners, excluding those from South America, is considerably smaller.

Combinations of International Marriage Couples with High Divorce Rates

Japanese man and Filipino woman

Divorce rate 68.1%

Although this is not true for all Filipinos, Filipinos do not have much of a concept of savings, and often spend their husbands’ earnings as they earn them, causing trouble for the men.

In addition, Filipinos often send money to their parents and siblings in their home country, which often leads to divorce due to the financial burden on the man’s side.

Japanese men and Chinese women

Divorce Rate 57.3%

By nationality, the combination of a Japanese man and a Chinese woman has the highest number of marriages, but the divorce rate is also high at 57.3%.

The most common cause of divorce seems to be cultural differences with China.

Japanese men and Korean women

Divorce rate 58.6%

This combination is also the most common cause of divorce, again due to cultural differences.

Japanese women and Chinese men

Divorce rate 51%

The divorce rate with Chinese husbands is also high, at over 50%. In China, there is a strong tendency for the whole family to welcome the marriage, and it is likely that many people choose to divorce because they feel pressured by their partner’s family.