Do women become beautiful when they fall in love?

Do women become beautiful when they fall in love? Love

Many people may have questions such as “Is it true that women become more beautiful when they fall in love?
When women fall in love, they release love hormones, which make their skin more vibrant and youthful, and they become more radiant.

This article will explain in detail why women become beautiful when they fall in love.

Here are some reasons why it is believed that women become beautiful when they fall in love: 

when a woman falls in love, she becomes more concerned about the eyes of the opposite sex that she likes, so she becomes more careful about her fashion and body shape, leading to her becoming more beautiful.
They also pay more attention to their manners, which makes them more feminine, and their atmosphere changes, making them beautiful and shining inside and out.

A lot of love hormones are secreted.

Estrogen, a well-known love hormone, is a hormone that improves skin luster and creates a feminine style.
When this hormone is secreted, even people in their 40s become younger and more beautiful when they fall in love.

Love Hormone

  • Estrogen
  • PEA
  • Dopamine
  • Oxytocin

It also secretes happy hormones, so women in love have a full aura of happiness.


The love hormone estrogen causes significant changes in a woman’s body.
For example, estrogen stimulates the production of collagen, which gives skin a youthful elasticity and luster, improves the luster of hair and nails, and may also increase breast enlargement.

Estrogen is a type of female hormone that is secreted by the follicle and is said to be released in greater amounts when a woman is in love and excited.


PEA is a hormone that is secreted in the early stages of a relationship and can help you lose weight by decreasing your appetite.
Some people say, “When I’m in love, I don’t eat as much,” which is evidence that PEA is being secreted.

Most people only continue to do so for six months to four years in the early stages of a relationship, so if you want to “fall in love and become beautiful,” the best time to do so is when you have just fallen in love.

PEA can be supplemented by watching romantic movies or movies from the past, or by “cheese” or “chocolate” which contain PEA.
Those who want to increase PEA secretion should eat cheese and chocolate on a daily basis.


Dopamine is a pleasure and feel-good hormone that is secreted in large amounts when you are in love, and while it is being secreted, you become positive and cheerful.
It is also expected to improve memory, so it is said that studying and working are easier while in love.

Generally, dopamine is secreted in large amounts when the brain is excited, but it is also produced when you are in love, so the reason why people say “falling in love makes you beautiful from the inside out” is because it secretes dopamine, which increases feelings of happiness!


Oxytocin, the last hormone introduced here, is the “love hormone” secreted when you are in contact with your baby.

Oxytocin is secreted not only by babies but also by skinship with people you love, and the closer the relationship is with the other person, the more oxytocin seems to be released.
When oxytocin is released during love, feminine softness oozes from within.

Femininity is enhanced

Since love can give you a variety of feelings such as fun, joy, and the pain of unrequited love, the experience through love will add to your attractiveness as a woman and to your experience as a person.
The thrill of seeing the person you love and the feeling of fulfillment when you are in love with both people can only be felt through love, so the feelings and experiences gained through love will raise your attractiveness as a woman several notches.

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