Women’s hairstyles preferred by Japanese men

Women's hairstyles preferred by Japanese men Love

We conducted an Internet survey of approximately 900 men in their teens to late thirties to find out the most popular hairstyles for women among the hairstyles preferred by men.

Top 5 hairstyles Japanese men want women to have

Bob hairstyle

Bob hairstyle

I think that many girls who look good with a bob are really beautiful. Not only does it further accentuate their features but it also gives such a sophisticated and eye-catching look. 

There are not so many hairstyles that suit a wide range of women from children to adults. I think that the bob, which gives the impression of being serious, sincere, and playful, brings out the best in women.

For women, it is also easy to blow-dry and manages.

For men, the definition of a bob is surprisingly difficult to understand, but it is a hairstyle in which the hair at the top is longer than the hair at the bottom, giving it an overall fluffy, rounded look. Mushrooms, pigtails, etc. are also included in this category.



The ponytail has always been at the top of the list for many decades, and even in the age of “2025,” it is still overwhelmingly popular with men.

It is a dream of every man to have a girlfriend who wears a ponytail.

And for women, it only takes a few seconds to put on a ponytail, as long as it is of a certain length. It is the easiest hairstyle to become popular.

If you show up in front of a man tomorrow with a ponytail, you may feel the sting of his eyes on you. Guys often like attractive women who exude self-assurance and ease in their bodies. Therefore, if a ponytail can do that, it’s a combo that works well for most girls.



Medium-length hair is between short and semi-long hair. The definition of medium-length hair is a bit of a stretch, but it is usually about the length of the collarbone. 

The mid-length cut combines the stylish appeal of long hair with the fun, cool attitude of a shorter haircut to help you stand out among a sea of long-haired beauties without having to make a significant chop. Awesome, isn’t it? Also, with this length, you can create various variations of hairstyles, such as a half undo, depending on the mood of the day.

It is the most average length, so it may naturally stand out for its femininity.



This is an exquisite haircut for those who think short is a little too short, but going up to medium might be a little too long!

This haircut is popular with both men and women because it is a condensed version of the best parts of the haircut: it maintains a neat and clean look, while the moderate length allows it to be worn in a variety of fashionable ways.

It is also an excellent match for color variations, and it is nice that it does not become too flashy even with light colors, nor too heavy even with neat colors.

It is also just the right choice for a makeover, and many people have experienced a significant increase in attractiveness by cutting their hair from around semi-long to semi-short.

It is also one of the best options for a no-fail makeover.



Semi-long hair is the length from the collarbone to the chest.

This length gives the hair a more mature look and is very popular among men. It is both cool and cute!

Semi-long hair can be arranged in a variety of ways, but recently many women are choosing to wear their hair black.

Top 3 hairstyles Japanese men do not want women to have



Men always look for what they don’t have in a woman. If you cut off your hair, which is a symbol of a woman, you are already a man! When you cut your hair, you are already a man! Also, there are limited styling options and it doesn’t just work with every face shape. 

When will the haircut ever see the light of day?



Although this hairstyle is wildly popular among some people, many people have a hard time with it because of its strong individuality.

Perhaps it is because it has become somewhat of a nerd symbol, as it is immensely popular at cosplay events.

Because it isn’t quite mature, grown ladies rarely have twin-tails. It’s a fashion that is more closely related to youth and innocence than to adulthood. Pigtails give off the impression that ladies are a little too innocent. It is also a hairstyle that is often hesitant for the average woman, so it is not easy to get a hold of. Unless you are targeting a special demographic, it is not highly recommended.

Belly Short

Belly Short

Many people like short hair, but are not fond of belly-short hair.

Men tend to avoid it because it is too boyish or too cool. 

Short hair may give you a feminine appearance but it’s much more difficult if your hair is a lot shorter. 

Also, if you suddenly go belly short, they wonder, “Did you have some big psychological change?” and some people worry about more than just a makeover.