Relationship between Self-Esteem and Love

Relationship between Self-Esteem and Love Love

It is said that people with higher self-esteem have better encounters, but does this also relate to love? If you understand how self-esteem works, you can improve your love life with some ingenuity. This article will show you how it affects your love life and how to raise your self-esteem. Please refer to it and make the most of it in your love life. 

What is self-esteem?

Self-esteem means accepting everything, good and bad, and acknowledging yourself. People with high self-esteem tend to move in the right direction in their relationships because they have an aspect of themselves that allows them to be objective. 

Some people may think that self-esteem and positive thinking are the same thing. Positive thinking is the behavior of trying to think positively. It is important to know that it has a different meaning from self-esteem. 

How high self-esteem affects your love life

As mentioned earlier, high self-esteem positively impacts your love life. Let’s look at the three key points to see how they affect you. 

You are not pushed around by your partner and do not become addicted to love 

Those with high self-esteem are self-driven. Therefore, they are less likely to be swayed by their partners when they fall in love. Not being pushed around by the other person means you are less likely to depend on love. In many cases, you can maintain a good distance from your lover, and your love life will go smoothly.


Tolerant toward others

People with a high sense of self-esteem accept themselves as they are, so they tend to accept others similarly. Even if they see something wrong with another person, they accept that person’s existence in its entirety. Therefore, one of their main characteristics is that they can respond to everyone with tolerance. People involved with them can gain a sense of security from their responses, and a deep connection is built with them even after becoming lovers. 

They also value their own time, which makes them attractive.

People with high self-esteem value themselves. As a result, they also set aside time for themselves. In terms of time for themselves, each person devotes himself/herself to his or her hobbies or makes time for peace of mind, also because they set aside time for themselves, people with high self-esteem always appear sparkling. They are also seen as attractive people because they live independently in terms of their feelings. 

How to raise your self-esteem?

Ask people around you about the good things about yourself. 

People with low self-esteem tend to think there is nothing good about themselves. However, this is very wrong. Everyone has good qualities. If you only see your weaknesses, let’s check what your strengths are. At first, try writing down the advantages you can think of in a notebook. If you can’t think of many advantages, ask people around you what their advantages are. Often, what you consider a weakness is seen as a strength by others. First, it is important to know that you have some great qualities too! It is important to know that you also have wonderful aspects of yourself.

Write down what you are thinking

Next, focus on expressing your feelings. Write honestly what you think and feel in your heart in a notebook. This notebook is not for others to see, so you can write whatever you want. As you write it down, before you know it, you will start feeling clarity in your feelings. 

In this method, you can objectify yourself by daring to put it into words. Many people with high self-esteem can look at themselves objectively, which is a good way to practice this. 

Surround yourself with things you like

Once you have sorted out your feelings, it is time to pamper yourself. Try to make time to surround yourself with the things you love. It can be spent on hobbies, things, or anything else. Spend lots of time doing things that soothe you and make you smile. The more time you spend surrounded by things you love, the happier you will feel before you know it. As this sense of “happiness” increases, you will naturally accept yourself. 

Don’t get involved with things or people you don’t like

Finally, make an effort to stay away from things that make you feel uncomfortable. This includes relationships. Does being involved with things or people you feel negatively about tire your mind? A tired mind is a factor that lowers your self-esteem. By gradually distancing yourself from such things, your mind will naturally change to become more peaceful. It is not easy to break off relationships with people you have been involved with, but if they do not have a positive impact on you, then these are not necessary relationships.