How to maintain a long-distance relationship with a foreigner

How to maintain a long-distance relationship with a foreigner Love

This section explains what to do during a long-distance relationship with a foreigner.

Respect the culture of the other person’s country

Different countries have marked differences in culture and values.

It may be obvious, but you should respect each other’s culture and values. If you are not bound by your own values, but rather think from the beginning that there are many different cultures and values, you will be less likely to be upset by slight differences. If you take the time to talk about something you don’t agree with, you will surely be able to have an attitude of understanding or finding a compromise.

Interact with the other person’s family

By interacting with your partner’s family, you can understand how they grew up and how much they care about their families. Not only that, but you also want to get along well with your significant other’s family. Since it is a multicultural relationship, I think it is important to have an attitude of getting to know the other person’s family and to make an effort to let the other person’s family get to know you better than if you were from the same country. I am sure that your partner’s family will be curious to know what kind of person their daughter/son’s boyfriend is like.

Attitude to know the other person’s country

You want to understand the other person as much as possible, so this is a good chance to do your own research about the other person’s country and study their language.

Surprisingly, it is difficult to be objective about your own country.

Close daily communication

Daily communication is very important during a long-distance relationship. Couples in a long-distance relationship will find that daily communication is invaluable. They will ask, “How was your day? “This is what happened to me today! Even these simple conversations can be very reassuring.

Be grateful for the other person’s presence

When you are far away from your partner, you will not be able to see each other as often as you would like. That’s why I get really excited before we meet, and I don’t want to waste even a single moment of our time together, so we naturally fight less over trivial things.

When we say goodbye at the airport, we are confronted with the reality that we won’t see each other again for a while, and we cry without worrying about what others might think. And then you go back to your daily life without your partner. We talk about how we will do our best to be able to do something until the next time we meet.

Continuously doing this will make you care about your partner more and more, and even though you are far apart, you will form a strong bond with them.

Set a goal for the next time you see each other and focus on it

The frequency of seeing each other may vary from couple to couple, such as once every three months, once every six months, or once a year. The good thing about long-distance relationships is that the next time you see each other is motivating and makes you want to work hard until then. It would be wonderful if we could look at it from a positive perspective and say, “Let’s grow as individuals before we see each other again! It would be wonderful if we could overcome the difficulties together.

See your partner as a human being

Sometimes there are conflicts due to different values and cultures, but if you see each other as the same person, you will be able to keep your cool. Compassion is something that I am sure people everywhere have in common. If you feel a little bit of distrust, such as when someone is full of lies and not sincere, you can see things in a different light if you see them not as a fat person, but as a person of the same gender. If you end up breaking up because of that, it’s probably only because the relationship has gone that far. It is difficult to make a decision because you can’t see your partner from a long distance, but if you can feel lucky that you didn’t waste your time, then you’re on your way.

I think the good thing about long-distance relationships is that it is easy to find out early on whether the other person really cares about you or not.