Why Japanese Women Hate Phone Calls

Why Japanese Women Hate Phone Calls Love

According to a survey by a magazine, the percentage of Japanese women in their 10s to 30s who are not good at making phone calls is over 50%, more than half of them. In this issue, we will explain why young Japanese women are not good at making phone calls.

Because they are unprepared due to the fact that they cannot see the person’s face

The fact that they cannot see a person’s face makes it difficult for them to read emotions from facial expressions and the like.

In today’s world where relationships are mainly based on LINE messages, many people may not be used to being unable to see the other person’s face.

Women are sensitive to subtle facial expressions and eye contact, and are often able to guess how the other person is feeling, so they may be uncomfortable with calls in which they cannot see the other person’s face.

On long calls, they don’t know when to end the call.

In the case of long calls, some respondents said that they are not good at making calls because they are afraid that if they try to hang up, the other person may think that they do not want to talk to them anymore.

This is a common experience for Riri, too, but when she calls her grandmother, who is a genuine Kansai native, the caller will talk one-sidedly about whatever she wants to talk about and not give her a chance to end the call. (When she hangs up, the other person hangs up unilaterally.)

(When I hang up, the other person hangs up unilaterally.) Many people who have such experiences may not have a good impression of long phone calls.

Because there are many times when you can’t do it in your own timing.

When you call someone, some people ask you for a message before they call you, while others call you suddenly.

In such cases, people may think that you don’t care about their timing or that you are self-centered. Not a few people find it bothersome to answer the phone even more so because they don’t know the requirements.

Because they cannot concentrate on other tasks.

Some people try to call without doing any other work because they think it might be rude to do so while they are working on other tasks. Also, their hands may be occupied during the call, or they may not be able to hear the other person at all if they are on speaker mode and the sound around them is too loud, such as when washing dishes.

If this happens, you are forced to concentrate on talking to the other person, and many people find it inconvenient if they cannot do other tasks.

Because they don’t know what to talk about.

In this world, it’s time to speak! and there are those who cannot make a call unless they are mentally prepared.

There are also those who fall into a state of minor panic because they do not know what to say on the spur of the moment when the other person calls.

They become so occupied with just talking that they cannot speak well at their own pace. I don’t like to talk on the phone because I don’t know what to say, even though I am fine when we are meeting. It seems that there are a certain number of people who say, “I don’t like talking on the phone because I don’t know what to say.

I’m sure there are many reasons why this is not limited to women, but the key is to ask them if they prefer to talk on the phone or via message, and then make a decision about the exchange!