3 Ways to Discern the True Intentions of the Japanese Men

3 Ways to Discern the True Intentions of the Japanese Men Love

Many women worry about not knowing how they really feel. In fact, it is possible to discern the true intentions of a Japanese man by his appearance and behavior. In this article, we will introduce an easy way to determine the true intentions of a Japanese man! 

Pay attention to the color of the clothes he often wears.

It is said that they tend to choose clothes in colors that reflect their personalities. It is not that they consciously wear these clothes, but their personality unconsciously influences their choice of clothing color. Check out which colors Japanese men are interested in more often.

Blue Clothes

Japanese men who often wear blue tend to be calm and trusting with women. Because they value trust, if a woman says, “I want to try that,” they may do a lot to fulfill that desire.

Green Clothes 

Japanese men who prefer green clothes are pacifists with solid character. You may get the impression that such Japanese men lack a little humor, but that is because they have a concrete mindset while talking with women.

Gray Clothes 

Japanese men who prefer gray clothing are a bit on the indecisive side. Be careful not to ask them only two questions, as this may lead to annoying them in some cases.

Pay attention to where you sit in a restaurant.

If a Japanese man reserves a table at the counter in a restaurant, there is a high possibility that he has a pulse.

If you sit facing each other at a table, your personal space is maintained because the food is placed between you and the table. But if you sit at the counter side by side, you can naturally shorten the physical distance between you and the other woman.

In addition, it is said that love is more likely to develop when two people spend as much time as possible together in a space within a 60-centimeter radius. Therefore, his behavior of choosing to sit at a counter where he can release his personal space and keep within a radius of 60 centimeters shows his genuine desire to have a more intimate relationship with the woman.

Pay attention to the shoes you wear in private.

Although a man’s footwear is a small part of his overall outfit, it is said that the shoes he wears in his private life can reveal his true feelings. Check his footwear on a date.

Business shoes

A Japanese man who wears the same business shoes in work and on a holiday date, is the type of man who can’t stop thinking about work. Be careful, because although he may appear to be enjoying the date, he may really be thinking about work.


Sneakers are easy to move around in and are less stressful on the feet, so it is a sign that he is genuinely trying to enjoy his time with his partner. However, Japanese men who wear sneakers without laces can be a bit on the fussy side. It is better not to suggest sudden changes in date plans.