True Feelings of Japanese Women

True Feelings of Japanese Women Love

Women’s hearts are complicated and bizarre! Japanese women are able to identify whether their  feelings  are real or tatemae! In this article, we will discuss about the true feelings of Japanese women are hidden in tatemae.

Women’s True Feelings are Hidden in Tatemae

Some men may assume that Japanese women attitude hidden in tatemae are real and they might misinterpret it. But the truth is she doesn’t want to ruin your current  good relationship with her especially if you have been friends with her for a long time.

Japanese women’s  thought are so complex and bizarre so it would be difficult for men to comprehend . Feelings are hidden and it is covered up by what the face  really meant. And it is called “tatemae”.

Tatemae is neither flattery nor dishonesty, we use tatemae in order to maintain harmonious relationship without hurting anyone.

I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to work tomorrow.

[True feelings] I want to go home.

When you are having dinner or drinks with a Japanese woman at night and she asks you, “Are you going to be okay for work tomorrow? and she says something that shows concern for you, it may be a tatemae!
Of course, she may be genuinely concerned about your physical condition or work, but if this is a pretext, the psychology hidden behind it may be, “I want to go home early! If this is the construction, then the psychology hidden behind it may be “I want to go home early!
More to the point, she is sending you a sign that she is not interested in you romantically.
She’s sending you a sign that she wants to leave by pretending to show her concern for your work when you’re keeping her around forever and not finishing the conversation!

I’ll pay half.

[True feelings] Are you going to split the bill?

Japanese women’s feelings are really complicated!
If you go to the trouble of asking a Japanese woman you like out on a date, have a few drinks with you, and then when it’s time to pay the bill, you say you’ll pay half, and the Japanese woman actually pays, you can be sure that there will be no more dates with that Japanese woman in the future!
If a Japanese woman with common sense goes out to eat with a man who is not her boyfriend, she will pretend to pay for the meal.
That is the psychology of common sense.
But if you are a man, it is natural to stay there and pay the full amount yourself!
Don’t take Japanese women’s “I’ll just split the bill” for granted!

Do you enjoy your job?

[True feelings] Do you want to get a promotion?

This is the true intention hidden in the tatemae when Japanese women are judging a man’s quality.
For Japanese women, who are judging men in terms of their future, a man’s financial ability and future prospects are very important issues.
It can be said that a man who is successful in his career = a man who can guarantee financial wealth to himself.
It is better to choose a man who works hard enough to make his job his life’s purpose in order to get ahead.
Asking a man a lot of questions about his work is an important way to evaluate a man’s future prospects and economic potential.
If you find out the true intention behind the Japanese woman’s question, answer sincerely if you want her to be your true love.
Otherwise, a proper tea break might be a good way to get away with it!

Can I stop by the store?

[True feelings] I want you to buy me something.

When you are on a date with a girlfriend in love or a soon-to-be girlfriend who is more than a friend but less than a girlfriend, and she asks you, “Can we stop by the store? Her honest feeling is, “There’s something I want you to buy me.
It is a natural part of Japanese women’s psychology that they cannot beg directly.
Since she can’t do such a petty thing, she is using a roundabout way to beg you!

In such a case, it is better to respond to her feelings like a man, so that your relationship with her will go smoothly in the future.

But if you’re in a pinch in the wallet, get your head on a swivel and find a way to avoid stopping at the store!

Are you okay with the last train?

[True feelings] No sleepover with you!

When you are with a Japanese woman late at night having a drink together, and she says she is concerned about your last train, that concern is, of course, tatemae!
That Japanese woman’s real intention is “I will not stay over night with you at all!
You’re out of my mind as a love object! That’s what they say!
Men may feel that if a Japanese woman has stayed with them until almost the last train, they may be looking forward to the next development, but after all, Japanese women have the right to choose their men, too!
The way for a Japanese woman to pretend to care about her partner and protect her own fidelity is to use the last train as a reason♪ If she sees you as an object of romantic interest and is willing to stay over, the Japanese woman will actively appeal to you that she does not want to leave.
When she mentions the last train, it’s THE END for the day!
Don’t lose heart and move on to the next one!

Are you hungry?

[True feelings] Take me out to dinner as soon as you can!

When a Japanese woman is with a man and pretends to care about him, she asks, “Are you hungry?” When a Japanese woman asks, “Are you hungry? Japanese women do not want to do anything immodest in front of a man.
So it is difficult for them to say things like “I’m hungry” or “I need to go to the restroom,” which may be considered offensive to men.
But when you are walking around, you get hungry and want to go to the restroom.
In such situations, they are expressing their true feelings by showing concern for the other person.
Are you hungry? Aren’t you tired from walking? When a Japanese woman who is walking with you says, “Are you hungry?” or “Aren’t you tired from walking?”, even if you are not hungry or tired, you should be considerate enough to eat a meal or go to a coffee shop!