Reply to Confession from a Japanese

Reply to Confession from a Japanese Love

When you are with Japanese people, you may get a love confession at the most inopportune time. How should you reply to a confession? In this article, I would like to introduce a method of saying no in reply to a confession.

Refuse honestly, saying: “I’m sorry, I can’t go out with you.”

When replying to a refusal, you must be sincere about the other person’s feelings. To avoid leaving the other person with unnecessary feelings, firmly express your refusal.

Additionally, if you cannot answer and reject a confession from someone who is not your type, you can make it easier for the other person to understand by adding a note of apology.

Refuse by saying that you are interested to another person. You can say, “I like someone else.”

A refusal that you are already in love with someone else is an easy way to convince the other party to accept your response to his/her confession. It is a better way to respond to a rejection because you cannot do anything about romantic feelings immediately.

If the other person persistently approaches you repeatedly, one way is to give a false one-sided love.

However, if you are asked specifically what kind of person you like, it is recommended that you try to play it off appropriately or give the impression that you have a mutual love, such as “I feel that the other person likes me, too.”

Furthermore, I know it is selfish, but please remain friends as before.

If someone confesses to you that he/she thinks you are a nice person, but does not see you as a man or a woman, you should ask to continue going out with him/her as friends. It may sound selfish coming from someone who wants to develop a romantic relationship, but if you firmly tell them that you respect and love them as a human being, they will surely understand.

Here are also points to consider when wondering whether to accept or reject a confession:.

Determine if it genuinely matches your personality and values.

If you date a man or woman, mutual compatibility is essential to make it work as a romantic partner. Be sure to consider each other’s points necessary for a good relationship, such as personality and what you value in life.

If there is a discrepancy in personality and values, there is no little possibility that differences will eventually arise, fights will be constant, and the romance will not work out.

 Please take the time to consider the compatibility between human beings during the period when you are holding off on responding to a confession.

Confirm that the type of face is in your favorite lineage.

If you accept a confession, you will spend the entire time looking at the other person’s face, so it is essential to ensure that the face is the type you like.

A face that looks nice and makes you feel at ease just by looking at it will make it easier for you to fall in love and have a long period of happiness.

If someone confessed to you and you are unsure whether to say yes or no, one way is to choose a person by his/her face.

Check to see if they have a similar sense of money to yours, such as whether they are spendthrift or in debt.

If there is a big difference in a manner you spend money, it will not go well in a relationship. It is not uncommon to have money problems with your romantic partner if you buy things without thinking or if you have a large amount of debt.

Some people make you pay for everything on dates or borrow money, so be sure to choose a partner who is not extreme in his or her money sense.

Check if they are single-mindedly devoted to you. Do they have a good relationship with both men and women?

Even if you accept a confession of love from an infatuated person who falls in love with the opposite sex immediately and starts dating, there may be someone else who is better suited to your needs. Even if the other person is a wonderful man or woman of your type, it is hard to be in a relationship while worrying about cheating on your partner.

In order to build a wonderful romantic relationship, it is important to check whether the other person is serious about you, whether he or she will keep looking at you and devote himself or herself to you with a single-minded love.