Fullmetal Alchemist Final Episode Review

Fullmetal Alchemist Final Episode Review Anime

Fullmetal Alchemist” by Hiroshi Arakawa was serialized in “Monthly Shonen Gan Gan” for about 10 years starting in 2001. It has been adapted into an anime, live-action movie, video game, drama CD, and various other media mixes, which attracts many fans.

The main character of “Fullmetal Alchemist” is Edward Elric. Ed, who goes by the name of “Fullmetal,” is a true “Fullmetal Alchemist.” Fullmetal Alchemist is indeed the story of his journey. What has he gained on his journey?

A researcher, an egomaniac, a humanitarian, and, all in all, Edward Elric

He has long blond hair in a braid and golden eyes. Fluttering red cape, right arm, and left leg in mechanical armor. In written form, he has the appearance of a knight. However, he is short, and he gets angry whenever he hears the word “short” or any other word related to short stature, and even as a child he was a rather naughty boy, skilled at using his wits. He is selfish and not very honest. He is also intuitive. On the other hand, he is a very studious person and does not cut corners in his research as an alchemist. He may seem self-centered, but he is also a humanitarian with a strong sense of justice. He is not just a man of justice, but a man of humanity.

His father left them suddenly one day, and his mother, whom he loved, died because of the epidemic. Since then, he and his younger brother Alphonse have been researching and have been in training in alchemy to revive their mother through alchemy. As a result, the alchemy failed, and in exchange, Ed lost his right hand and left leg, and Al lost his body itself. To get Al’s body back, he became a national alchemist at the age of 12 and set out on a journey to find the “Philosopher’s Stone.” Many people know him because he is a first-rate alchemist, but Ed does not care about that.

He was 15 years old at the start of the story. The reality that Ed experienced in just 15 years of his life, was so bad that he saw a hell that ordinary people would never see, even if it took them a lifetime. He also knows the preciousness of life and what is forbidden. On top of that, Ed has a good idea of what is important. He has no interest in anything other than getting Al’s body back.

Strength to know the horror of loneliness

“He is my only brother!” 

These are Ed’s words that he shouted when Al was taken away from him after performing the human body refining process. It sounds good to say that he is on a journey to get his brother’s body back, but Ed does not want to be alone. At the same time, he does not want to leave his brother alone. In a way, this may be an equivalent exchange. He is willing to give up his life for his brother when the time comes, but he will not choose to die to leave Al alone. Is this a strength or a weakness? It is a matter of interpretation that differs from one person to another.

Ed’s humanity may be because he knows the horror of loneliness. However, he is not a philanthropist. Because Ed is greedy, he wants to help everyone, but he also knows that he can only help a limited number of people. Even with his alchemy, there are far more people he cannot help. I believe that it is because he has repeatedly made last-minute trial-and-error attempts with his life on the line that Ed has decided that he will only protect those people he truly wants to help.

Achievement of Goals

Beyond achieving his goal; with Al’s body back and Ed having given up his alchemical powers, his journey came to an end with the defeat of his greatest enemy. Would he suffer burnout from having achieved his big goal? Or will he be happy with the peace of the days to come? Regardless of the reader’s imagination, Ed and Al set out on a new journey to help more people. They want to help as many people as possible who are suffering from alchemy.

How did they come up with such a thought? I am sure it is because he received the help of many people before getting Al’s body back. Ed has talent, but he is not completely invincible. There are times when his heart breaks, cries, and angry at his inadequacy. But I have been able to complete my journey because of my friends and the people I trust. I’ve received so much. I resumed my journey to return it.

I give you half my life; you give me half yours.

 These are the words of Ed’s proposal to the heroine, Winry. Since even a marriage proposal is an “equivalent exchange,” Ed would feel compelled to return all the kindnesses and favors he has received. Even if he couldn’t return the favor to the person who gave it to him, he would give it to someone else.

Getting Al’s body back was only the beginning for Ed. He would find a new role for himself, and even if he was no longer an alchemist, he would help many people as human beings. Ed’s long, long journey has only just begun.