Customer Service in Japan

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Customer service is to entertain customers who come to visit us. Thinking about the ways we can help our customers to achieve their goals comfortably is the key to improve the quality of our service.

To maintain the quality of customer service, it is important to create a manual. A customer service manual will help guide staff members when they feel unsure about their own customer service and help them to maintain a consistent quality of service.

Customer Service Tips

In customer service, it is necessary to respond to each customer in a manner that is appropriate for each individual customer, with a minimum level of etiquette. However, the position of the customer service representative will change, and so will the knowledge of how to serve the customer. The following are the tips for each of the following two positions.


The owner is responsible for overseeing the customer service of all staff members in the store. He or she must manage operations by providing guidance as needed to improve the quality of customer service throughout the store. Preventing the “specialization of customer service” so that only certain employees can provide good customer service, and spreading the training throughout the entire store, and by extension, throughout the entire group or chain of stores.

In addition, depending on the size of the store, the owner himself may be responsible for customer service. Therefore, the owner must not only look over the entire store and strive to improve the quality of customer service, but he or she must also be able to serve as a role model for his or her staff. In addition to the management skills needed to run the store, the owner should also improve his or her own customer service skills.


Employees should maintain the quality of customer service at all times, regardless of how busy the restaurant is. For example, if a restaurant is busy with constant visitors during lunch or dinner, the quality of customer service tends to decline. However, even during the busiest times of the day, courteous treatment of each and every customer will lead to increased satisfaction and repeat business.

Educate your staff that proper customer service should be provided at all times, and not because you are busy.

Three Elements to Improve the Quality of Customer Service

The following five elements are important to improve the quality of customer service.

  • Facial expressions
  • Language
  • Grooming

These five elements are considered as the basic elements of customer service. Customer service is composed of these basic elements, and by improving the quality of each, the level of customer service will approach that of hospitality.

Facial Expression

First, facial expression is an important aspect of customer service. A bright, fresh smile when welcoming a customer, a serious expression when a serious request is being made, and so on. By properly conveying emotions with facial expressions appropriate to the scene, you can gain the trust of customers.

When a customer visits your store, a bright smile along with the greeting “Welcome” is a basic technique to make a good impression. If you force a smile, the customer will sense it, so be sure to instruct your staff to keep a natural smile in mind.


Polite language is the foundation of customer service. If you are not conscious of using polite language on a regular basis, it may not come out at a moment’s notice, so you must be careful.

You also want your staff to have the correct knowledge of honorifics. Surprisingly, there are many people,thinking they are using the correct honorifics, but in fact, they are making a mistake. It may be a small detail, but a single use of language can reduce customer satisfaction. Make sure that each and every staff member learn how to use polite and correct language.


Grooming greatly affects the impression customers have of your staff. Especially in the retail industry, including restaurants, personal grooming can also affect the impression of the restaurant.

The grooming of customer service staff should be clean and acceptable to all. The details depend on the atmosphere and rules of the store, so it is a good idea to discuss with the staff what appropriate grooming is.