Japan’s Cheapest Hair Salon

Japan's cheapest hair salon Japan

Recently I found a hair salon called IWASAKI. What a surprise, the hair cut here was 690 yen, the cheapest hair salon I’ve ever seen. So this time, I actually went there and will review it.

What is hair salon IWASAKI?

What is hair salon IWASAKI?

IWASAKI is an establishment where hairdressing, facials, and manicures are done. It costs 980 yen, and a cut is done for 690 yen. Moreover, if it is a shaved head it costs 490 yen.

The management company is Hakubun Co., Ltd. and there are about 950 shops in the whole country. Since it is developing nationwide.

I think that many people have a hair salon IWASAKI in the neighborhood. Because the list of shops is not on the homepage, it is necessary to look for it by Google map.

Reception desk

IWASAKI Reception desk1

It is a touch panel as shown in the picture, and it corresponds not only to Japanese but also to English, Chinese, Korean, and Spanish.

IWASAKI Reception desk2

IWASAKI Reception desk3

IWASAKI Reception desk4

IWASAKI Reception desk5

They also have a menu of hair color and shampoo only.

IWASAKI Reception desk6

IWASAKI Reception desk7



The haircut only took about 10 minutes per person. The price was low-cast, so I had to wait for an hour for my haircut even though it was a weekday.

Some of the customers are elderly, young children, and adults. As for my impressions of having my hair cut, I thought it was not bad for 690 yen.

I have always had my hair cut for 1,500 yen, so for 690 yen it was reasonably good and I was satisfied. Unfortunately, there is no face shave.

The price is low-cast and they only cut your hair. I think I am not satisfied with their service.

How to pay

To pay for the service you need cash. At the very least, I would like to see QR code payments introduced as they are cheaper for the shops.