JOJO’S BIZARRE ADVENTURE Part6 Stone Ocean Consideration

JOJO'S BIZARRE ADVENTURE Part6 Stone Ocean Consideration Anime

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is a unique battle manga by Hirohiko Araki that has been serialized for 34 years since 1986. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is not only a manga, but also a drama, anime, and radio series that has captivated people one after another.

JoJo’s story has been published in eight series so far, and throughout all the series, a “hymn to humanity” is depicted. Why did I meet this person, why did I have to suffer these consequences, and how would I live if my future were predetermined? As we face death, we unravel our own life. This is the greatest appeal of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

In particular, the characters speak of “destiny” and “fate”. This time, I would like to discuss the final episode of “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 6: Stone Ocean,” which was recently completed on Netflix.

Does the last part make sense? The meaning of the world that has come full circle

At the end of the story, time begins to accelerate due to the ability of Pucci’s evolved stand “Made in Heaven. Just when you think the sun has risen, the next thing you know, it has already set as the setting sun. The blood is spilling out as a dry mass from the side where it flowed. Eventually, the distinction between day and night disappears, and the world is transformed into one where all matter is weathering away one after another. Only Pucci can control that world. Overwhelmed by the relentless power of time, his friends are defeated. Ana Sui, Hermes, and even Jotaro are mercilessly killed. Jolyne and Emporio are left in a desperate situation. Just when they are ready to call it quits, a wave sweeps them away.

It was a wave caused by a school of dolphins swimming in the ocean.

Taking advantage of the fact that “all living things move at the same speed no matter how much time accelerates,” Jolyne captured the dolphins and attached themselves to them.
Even though time in the world accelerates, the relative speed is the same as usual.
There is no way that Pucci, a human being, could swim the same distance as the dolphins without tiring. And moreover, there is no way in all likelihood that he would be able to swim and catch up with them.

Emporio is surprised and relieved by Jolyne’s quick thinking.
But Jolyne puts Emporio on top of the dolphin before he does and turns to face the chasing pooch. In his eyes is an unyielding resolve.

In the past, when Jotaro confronted DIO. Jotaro, carrying the thoughts of his friends and the will of the people entrusted to him, challenged himself to a solitary battle.

Jolyne’s figure was the very Jotaro of the past. As time accelerated, Emporio found himself in a prison. Yes, he had returned to the scene where he first met Jolyne and his friends. But to be precise, time has not gone back, it has moved forward.

According to Pucci, only those who have not died in the previous world, including Emporio and Pucci, have come to the world one round later with their memories.
In this world, “everyone can intuit what will happen next, what they will face, and when they will die.

In a world where “no two people are exactly alike,” and where every event occurs exactly as it did in the previous cycle, Pucci’s world is the one he has been pursuing.

This was the “dawn of destiny” that Pucci pursued.

However, in the post-cycle world, only Emporio, who has a deep connection with Pucci himself, is an obstacle, and he is determined to kill the boy.
Pucci, desperate to get rid of the boy, is chasing after him, while Emporio can do nothing but run away, unable to resist. Emporio continues to evade the authorities, but finally, Pucci catches up with him and he runs out of options. Emporio is still a young, helpless child. He is horrified by his hopeless situation and cries out, “I can’t do it anymore. It’s all over”. Jotaro, Anasui, Hermes, and F.F. have all died in the world before their time. A swinging fist. However, on the forehead of Emporio standing there, there was not a fist, but a disc inserted. It was the disc that Jolyne had entrusted to him.

It was the ability of “Weather Report,” the stand of his former comrade Weather…!

Pucci is thus defeated by Emporio, who has gained the power of Weather Report.

In order to break the “karma” that was no longer necessary in the new world, Pucci took out Jolyne and the others and aimed for Emporio’s life, but ironically, he suffered the consequences of his twin brother Weather’s ability, which he thought he had severed.

You can’t break the karma. Words and deeds that you yourself have unleashed do not disappear. They come as a result when they come and connect with each other.

Such an immutable law of cause and effect can also be deciphered from Pucci’s deeds.

Why did Pucci make the world come full circle?

Pucci’s reason for bringing the world full circle can be summed up in one word: “To overcome fate. I want to overcome my destiny. This was what Pucci pursued from the bottom of his heart. What Puch pursued was nothing other than “overcoming the fear of death through determination.”