Prejudice that Japanese women dating foreign men are ugly


I would like to write about my true feelings about the rhetoric phrase that “Most Japanese women with foreign men are ugly.” as I am in a romantic relationship with a foreigner and Japanese people have different aesthetic senses.

In fact, the Japanese face that foreigners think is beautiful which is different from the one that is popular in Japan. In Japan, girls with double-layered, large, fair-skinned eyes and stylish hair are popular, but the type of face that is considered beautiful and popular overseas is a little different. Long, straight, shiny black hair; long, slit eyes with a cool look (fish-eye style makeup is also welcome). So-called “cool beauty” types are popular.

I have the impression that people with stonily straight black hair and slit eyes with a single layer of hair are often popular. This is a bit off topic, but I think Japanese women with straight black hair and long slit eyes are attractive to many foreign men. And the “beautiful Japanese woman elephant” that foreign men have in their minds is totally different from the type that is popular in Japan.

Why are Japanese women with foreign men considered ugly?

Why should Japanese women who are dating or married to foreigners will talk it be talked about behind their backs as “ugly”? Even if there is a difference in aesthetic sense, what on earth is it to put down someone’s appearance by calling them “ugly”? Perhaps, but I think one of the reasons why Japanese women with foreign men are being called terrible things is because they are showing off their foreign boyfriends more than necessary.
This kind of attitude is naturally repugnant.

Many of the Japanese wives around me are beautiful.

The Japanese wives of international marriages around me are all beautiful women. The first person around me who got married internationally was a classmate of mine from college. She was married to a student, and she is beautiful.
She was a beautiful woman with excellent English skills, and she was also a good student, so she was looked up to by her classmates and teachers alike.
There are several other internationally married people living abroad, and they are all fashionable, cute, and smart. I also sometimes see couples of Japanese women and foreign men in my life in the U.S., and I think many of them are very stylish.

I get nervous when I see Japanese women bragging about their foreign partners on video sites. I almost collapse when I see them talking about how “my foreign guy is a lady first; I can’t go out with a Japanese guy anymore.”
Not all Japanese women in international marriages are these types, and I’m glad you remember that!