Qualifications to earn money if you have them in Japan

Qualifications to earn money if you have them in Japan Money

If you obtain a money-making certification, you can earn an unlimited amount of money depending on how you work. However, since the difficulty level of money-making qualifications is high, you need to work hard to obtain them.

In this issue, we will introduce recommended money-making qualifications in Japan in a ranking format.

Real Estate Transaction Specialist

A real estate transaction specialist is an expert in real estate transactions. They have the following three exclusive duties.

  • Explanation of important matters in building transactions.
  • Signing and sealing important matter explanation documents.
  • Signing and sealing contracts

A real estate agent acts as an intermediary between real estate agents and their clients.

If real estate transactions are left to the parties involved, clients with limited knowledge of real estate are at risk of being forced into unfair contracts. Therefore, it is necessary for real estate agents to provide advice to their clients from a professional perspective.

It is said that the average annual income of a licensed real estate agent is around 4.5 to 5.5 million yen. This is no different from that of a typical salaried worker.

However, many companies provide a qualification allowance for the certification of 宅建建士. Including the qualification allowance, an annual salary of about 300,000 yen can be expected.

Also, depending on how they work, building contractors are in a profession where annual income can exceed 10 million yen. In this case, it is a very dreamy qualification, although in many cases you will be required to perform duties other than explaining important matters and contractual acts.

FP Level 2

A financial planner (FP) is a qualification that also has great significance in studying the contents of the certification exam.

Therefore, it is recommended for housewives as well as company employees who are seeking to advance their careers. You will learn knowledge that you can use in your daily life.

Obtaining the FP qualification does not necessarily have a direct positive impact on employment or career change. However, there may be cases where a qualification allowance is provided.

In addition, learning how to save money will help you manage your money more efficiently, making this a qualification with significant money-related benefits for your life as a whole.

Nissho Bookkeeping Level 2

Bookkeeping is the art of organizing, calculating, and recording daily business activities according to certain rules. Its purpose is to understand the management and financial situation of a company.

Regardless of industry, form, or size, bookkeeping skills are indispensable for business management.

If you want to use bookkeeping for employment, you need to have at least JCCI Bookkeeping Level 2, and Level 1 is preferable. Therefore, in the following, we will focus on bookkeeping skills at Level 2 and above.

Incidentally, it is said that the average annual income of those in their 30s who have obtained JCCI Bookkeeping Level 2 or above is 3.5 to 6 million yen.

Labor and Social Insurance Consultant

A certified social laborer is a national certification specializing in human resources. It is positioned as the highest level among human resource-related qualifications and is highly regarded by various industries.

Their specific duties include providing companies with recommendations for a comfortable work environment in accordance with the Labor Standards Law and other labor laws and regulations and assisting companies in utilizing complex pension systems.

Those jobs require creativity in addition to specialized knowledge and are very rewarding.

In addition, because of its business monopoly status, being a company labor attorney is one of the most profitable qualifications. Even if you work for a company, your annual income can reach 6-7 million yen, and if you become independent, you can aim for an even higher annual income.

However, the actual salary of laborers has yet to be widely known, and there are some who say that the annual income is low or the salary is low.

Certified tax accountants

Certified tax accountants are known as a very difficult national qualification.

However, taxes are deeply related to the lives of all citizens. Therefore, the field of activities of tax accountants as tax professionals is extremely wide.

The average annual salary of a certified tax accountant working for an accounting firm is around 7 million yen. However, since licensed tax accountants generally start their own businesses, their actual annual income is a ceiling.