Why is Japan Safe?

Why is Japan Safe? Japan

Compared to other countries in the world, Japan is very well known as a safe and relatively secure country. But is Japan a safe country?

In conclusion, compared to crime rates worldwide, Japan is a very safe country. There is a strict crackdown on petty crimes, and the number of incidents is lower than in other countries. In addition, Japan is a very safe country, and there is almost no need to worry about having one’s belongings stolen daily.

Furthermore, it is considered normal in Japan for women to go out alone at night or walk along the streets at night while fiddling with their smartphones. However, this seems to be such an unusual sight that it is surprising to foreigners.

Japan is such a peaceful and safe country. However, it is also true that murders and thefts occur yearly, so it cannot be said that “Japan is completely safe! It is not always possible to say, “Because it is Japan, it is safe! It may be a bit rash to think that you are entirely safe.

Comparison of Safety Levels in Japan and Overseas

Next, let us compare Japan’s safety level and other countries. You will be able to recognize again how safe Japan is.

However, not all events fall into the following categories. Even within the same country, there may be differences by region, and there may be exceptional cases.

The United States

In the U.S., gun possession is permitted, and the number of robberies is about 40 times higher than in Japan. The rate of violent incidents is considerably higher than in Japan, with the rate of assaults being about ten times higher.

Although not all regions are the same, be especially careful when walking alone on deserted streets or at night.


Canada is generally considered a safe country, but some areas are not safe at all. Especially in Ottawa, the capital of Canada, the crime rate is said to be about 3.5 times higher than that of Japan. It is thoughtless to think that “Because it is Canada, it is safe! It is not safe because it is in Canada.

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is a relatively safe country, but the crime rate is higher than in Japan. In addition to many incidents of passport theft, robberies and frauds by fake police officers are expected.

New Zealand

New Zealand is generally regarded as a safe country. However, the crime rate is high in some areas, so we cannot say it is entirely safe.

If you think New Zealand is a safe country, you should not be complacent, as you may be the victim of an unexpected crime.

Countries that are considered safer than Japan

Now that you have a better understanding of Japan’s safety let’s move on to the countries that are considered safer than Japan. Next, we will introduce two countries that are considered safer than Japan. Note that “safer than Japan” does not mean that there is no crime at all.


Iceland has repeatedly been ranked the safest country in the “Global Peace Index,” an annual survey conducted by the Institute for Economics and Peace. In 2021, Iceland was again ranked number one.

Although Iceland has few precautions against crime and security, there is a risk of damage due to weather and nature. When touring, beware of natural disasters.


Denmark is also safer than other countries and was ranked third in the “Global Peace Index” in 2021. It can be said that Denmark is a relatively safe country.

However, this does not mean that crime does not occur; in some areas, crimes such as littering and theft happen. As in Japan, this does not mean there are no problems, so be careful.