Why Japanese do not shave their pubic hair

Japanese do not shave Japan

When I go to hot springs in Japan, I see many people who do not shave their pubic hair. Although the number of people who shave their pubic hair has been increasing recently, the majority of people still do not follow this practice or way. Here are the reasons why Japanese people, regardless of gender , on why they do not shave their pubic hair.

It shown as a sign of maturity.

If you look at old manga or movies, you will frequently see verbal exchanges such as, “Hey, have you grown hair? So whether or not one grows pubic hair is related to the criteria for being an adult. If you don’t grow it, you are considered a child. Therefore, shaving has the potential to be considered a child, because it is not immediately obvious to others whether it is natural or artificial.
 By the way, “shaving is out of bounds” is the pubic hair and the head hair. The head hair is called monastic form and represents ordination. Ordained persons are basically treated as being outside the bounds of society. The structure is a bit similar to that of pubic hair.

The culture of public baths had taken root.

The situation in which the first above takes place can be said to be a culture in which people have many opportunities to look at other people’s pubic hair. In Japan, there is a culture of large public baths, and public baths in particular have been considered so important that the term “nude dating” has been coined (the term “eating out of the same pot” is an important vocabulary to indicate communication). The complaint “I don’t want to take a bath,” which is peculiar to boys, occurs during overnight events from the fifth grade to the eighth grade. When they are young, they are chilled out because of their growth, and when they are older, they are chilled out because of their lack of growth.
 This kind of “comparing each other” remains somewhat of a culture. Since the Edo period, the culture of comparing pubic hair has taken root. Pubic hair is part of it.

There are many hairy people in Japan. 

The Japanese claim to be a single ethnic group, but there seems to be too much difference in characteristics in their appearance and skeletal structure. There is also a wide variety in terms of hair texture, hair quality, and hair growth.
 Think about what would happen if a hairy person shaved only the pubic area. Wouldn’t that look rather conspicuous and strange? For a hairy person, it is a rational decision to leave pubic hair in place.

I think these three reasons may explain why Japanese do not shave their pubic hair.

Its  hassle to take care off.

This can be said regardless of the Japanese, but it is simply because it is difficult to take care of. Since pubic hair is not something that is usually shown to a partner, many people think that it is a hassle to take care of it every time. It is also believed that this is related to the fact that Japanese people are often sexless.