Why you should not live in Japan

Why you should not live in Japan Japan

This is an article written by my foreign friend who lived in Japan that I’d like to share with you. These are some of the reasons you should not live in Japan.

There was a significant disparity between real Japan and Japan shown in the manga. Many foreigners want to visit Japan for various reasons. Some visitors to Japan are most likely manga fans because of what they have read and seen in comic manga. If you enjoy manga, it is preferable to read it at home rather than traveling to Japan. We do not accept foreign visitors. Japan is a country that can solely house Japanese people. Obtaining a telephone or a credit card, for example, is difficult for a foreigner. You cannot even rent an apartment without a Japanese guarantor. Even if there are certain apartments that do not require a guarantor, you must still pay premium rent. Japan has never attempted to change its style. Personal interactions can be exhausting in Japan.

Bad Companies

In Japan, every day is all about work. I think everyone knows that. However, it also depends on the kind of company you choose. If you choose the wrong company, you may only get about 10 days off in a year. Moreover, some companies do not pay overtime. In other words, it is a harsh country for those who fail to find a job in the right company. In other words, living in Japan means starving in this high-cost living country. Japanese are reluctant to engage in head-to-head competition. Japanese people tend to be reluctant to engage in confrontation. Even in close relationships, the Japanese passively let it slide if there is a problem. Or, some take extreme action and even commit suicide by pushing themselves too far.

Racial Discrimination

Japan is a racist country. They do not think to mix foreigners into their Japanese society. When I lived in Japan, I thought that I was never considered to be with the Japanese. In other words, I felt alienated. Even by law, I do not have the same rights as Japanese people. For example, just because I am a foreigner, I am treated as a bad person on a priority basis. Even when foreigners are bullied by the Japanese, the police do nothing. Not good at expressing themselves Many Japanese are not good at expressing themselves. In other words, it is difficult for them to express themselves because there are not many things like deep conversations in Japan. They are cold-hearted, indifferent to politics, agnostic…. and so on… What is it about myself in particular? It seems to me that few people think about what they are. I think this is what leads to their difficulty in self-expression.


In Japan, appearance is everything. They go out and buy another woman! This is sometimes a boast among Japanese men. In other words, they have money. So, I can buy a kawaii girl! They want to look good.

Also, Japanese women drink alcohol that they don’t want to drink. In other words, they pretend to drink alcohol, go to the bathroom, stick their fingers in, and throw up. Some Japanese people are incapable of thinking deeply.

For example, when you are on a date, the other person is often talking one-sidedly about something, and even though we are talking seriously, there are quite a few people who give vague answers and don’t seem to be listening to anything saying.


In Japan, family tends to be regarded as a social obligation.

For example, the obligation to get married, to have children, and so on. For example, the obligation to marry, the obligation to have children, and so on. Or the obligation to raise children, or the obligation to follow someone. And so on.

In Japan, there is still a kind of arranged marriage. For example, if you get a good job, you can get a good wife. Also, many Japanese wives wonder why their mothers are not invited to their homes. I am surprised at the number of Japanese wives who think, “why this seems to stem from a sense of obligation.