Advantages and Disadvantages of WordPress

Advantages and Disadvantages of WordPress Tips

Many people are thinking of starting a blog and are wondering which service to use. Since I am using word press, I will share the lists of advantages and disadvantages by using this:

What is WordPress?

Word Press is software used to build websites. It provides a “dashboard” for the tasks necessary to build and update a website, such as writing the source code (HTML and CSS) by yourself.

Even if you do not have expertise in programming or website building, you can easily create your website by using WordPress.

A wide range of users is using WordPress, from novice bloggers to global companies like Spotify and Time.

Advantages of WordPress

Advantages of WordPress

Free to use

WordPress is distributed free of charge as open-source, so you don’t have to pay anything. Not only is it free to install, but it does not cost any money no matter how much you customize it. The only costs you need to pay are the maintenance fee of the rental server and the domain name of your site.


WordPress boasts a high degree of freedom in design through its themes. A wide variety of themes includes free ones are created and distributed, and one of the advantages of WordPress is its high design quality. If you don’t know HTML, CSS, or programming, you can create a professional-looking website by using a theme.

WordPress offers a variety of themes, from simple to unique, so even beginners can easily create a stylish site.

Many users

Since there are so many users of WordPress, there is a lot of information on the Internet about how to use and customize it. You don’t need to buy a book, but you can solve most of your problems with the information available on the Internet.

High update frequency

WordPress is constantly being checked for vulnerabilities, so the version is updated frequently. This update itself can be done at the push of a button, so you don’t have to worry. If you are afraid of being hijacked, you can set up a one-time password, or check your email for spam.

Since WordPress is dealing with various problems daily, we, the users, can continue to use the service with peace of mind.

Strong SEO

SEO is an abbreviation for “Search Engine Optimization”. Specifically, it means optimizing the content of your website so that it is easily understood by search engines such as Google, and optimizing it so that it is easily understood by search engines so that the information you want to convey is properly delivered to users. Simply put, strong SEO makes it easier for your site to appear at the top of search results when searching on the Internet.

WordPress is designed to be SEO-friendly, so it is possible to have more people see the articles you post.

Disadvantages of WordPress

Disadvantages of WordPress

If you are a beginner, the initial setup is a little difficult

You need to get a domain to display your website, and set up a server to host your website.

Domain and server are paid

WordPress is free to use, but you have to pay for the domain and server. I wrote an article in the past about recommended web hosting in Japan, if you want to read it.

Programming knowledge may be required

One of the advantages of WordPress is that you don’t need any knowledge to create a website. However, if you want to create what you have in mind, you need skills to adjust the layout and design. For that, you need to study programming and web design.

 It takes time until the number of accesses increases

Just because you set up a WordPress blog, it doesn’t mean you will get access immediately. It also takes time to get access from search engines. It’s easy to get frustrated if you don’t get access at first, so assume that you won’t be read at first, and keep adding articles.

Also, don’t expect access only from search, but try to spread the word on social networking sites as well.

You need to solve problems by yourself

As WordPress is a free service, it is difficult to leave it to someone else to solve the problem when it occurs.

Therefore, you need to solve the problem by yourself. However, since there are many users, it is often possible to solve problems by searching the Internet.