Why Japanese Women Love Fortune Telling

Why Japanese Women Love Fortune Telling Love

In general, Japanese women are said to be fortune-tellers. Even little girls love to read flowers and love horoscopes, and it is usually Japanese women who are addicted to fortune telling even after they grow up. Japanese women who are happy or sad about the results of their fortune telling are adorable. But why do Japanese women believe in fortune telling so much?

Do all Japanese women believe in fortune telling?

Japanese women’s magazines always have a special page on fortune telling, and the majority of the readers are Japanese women who visit popular fortune tellers. Do many Japanese women like and believe in fortune telling?

Interestingly, the majority of Japanese women who like fortune telling say that they believe in good things and try to avoid bad results.

In other words, they do not believe 100% at all, but rather, “If something good is going to happen, I use it as a catalyst to work harder to achieve my expectations.” This may be the case.

Why do Japanese women like fortune telling?

Generally speaking, Japanese women are emotionally driven and think about things in an emotional way. Therefore, they are always looking for someone to support them emotionally. This could be a parent,  close friend,  lover,  mentor, or fortune teller.

When we ask people to help us decide something as the nature of Japanese women, most of the time we know in our hearts what we want to do. However, when we actually ask, we do not always get the answer we expect.

This is where fortune-telling, with its many possible answers, is a very enjoyable consulting partner. This is why it can be said that we believe only in good things.

Are all the girls who believe in fortune telling really cute?

Girls who believe in fortune telling and do their best in girls’ comic books are very cute. In reality, however, even 4- or 5-year-old girls often redo their fortune-telling or look for something else if the result is not to their liking.

In other words, they call it a fortune-telling result, but in fact they are manipulating the result to their liking, which is a very selfish act. And once the fortune-telling result is positive, there is a possibility that they will go for it. It is possible that a single-minded cute girl who believes in fortune-telling is just like a stalker girl who never gives up….

Fortune-telling is an instinct of Japanese women

It is a fact that many Japanese women like fortune-telling. This seems to be related to the fact that Japanese women have the ability to support and assist others.

It is built into their instinct to procreate under a strong leader, so they have a strong desire to find support for the future through fortune-telling and other means.

However, we don’t want to get too hooked on it and run headlong into it.