How to Like Natto

How to Overcome Natto Tips

Natto is famous in Japan, but some Japanese do not like it. Natto is full of nutrients that help maintain good health such as “nattokinase” which prevents blood clots and vitamin K which strengthens bones. It also contains “natto bacteria” that can prevent intestinal infection. Many people already know the health benefits of Natto. Better to be able to eat it than not to be able to eat it, hands down!

Reasons why people hate to eat Natto: smell and bitter taste

Even though I know I hate it, I still hate it…

Natto haters are sensitive to their unique and strong smell. The smell is the main reason why they cannot eat natto.

It must be rotten?  No, no, it is not rotten. It’s fermenting perfectly (laughs).

Just tryone bite with patience…

“Mmmm. It’s bitter.”

My first taste was bitter.

I ate it with the faint hope that it would have a deep, fermented flavor.

I couldn’t smell it, I couldn’t eat it.

I can’t do it anymore…

I could not eat Natto for the rest of my life.

However, if I can cover the smell and the bitter taste, I can eat it.

There are three ways to overcome Natto aversion.

Surprisingly many Natto haters have never eaten Natto or do not like to eat it. Among those people, I was told that it is good for one’s health, so I tried it and, surprisingly, was able to eat it normally. I had never eaten Natto because of its stinky image, but when I tried it, I found it to be delicious.For such people, the three points I am about to mention are not necessary but let’s eat more and more. For those who have tried Natto but didn’t like it, here are the three points I would like you to try:

  1. Choose Natto with less smell.
  2. Do not eat Natto by itself from the beginning.
  3. Do not heat it.

Choose natto with less smell. 

There are many kinds of Natto on the market, but it is important to first choose Natto with a low odor. This is what I tried and was able to eat. It has no smell at all. 

From the beginning, do not eat Natto by itself.

Eating Natto by itself is a hurdle because the smell and bitter taste directly attack you. Be sure to eat it mixed with something else.

Do not heat it.

  • Putting it on fire or heating it will make the smell of Natto spread more. Natto haters who are sensitive to the smell will be instantly knocked out, so avoid overheat it.
  • I once suggested a Natto omelet, “Even people who hate natto can eat it!” but unfortunately, the smell of Natto was so strong that I could actually give up on it. 
  • Natto should be eaten cold or at room temperature, not heated.
  • I really hate it, When Natto gets on a bowl or other utensil, the detergent foam will stretch like a string when washing dishes. As long as you don’t rinse off the sponge, the bubbles will continue to grow.
  • When you can eat Natto by itself and mix it in small amounts, you can eliminate the hassle of washing dishes by serving the Natto packet as it is on the table.