How to Make More Money With Uber Eats in Japan

Make money Uber Eats in Japan Money

Uber Eats delivery partner, also known as Uber Eats delivery person, is a popular food delivery service where you can work at your most convenient time and get paid. However, if you look at the feedbacks and reputation, some people said you can make money while others say you can’t.

I think the difference is partly due to the delivery area and the means of transportation delivery person owns, which could be a factor how much money they could make each time.

If you are an Uber Eats delivery service provider and not making much money, or if you are thinking of becoming an Uber Eats delivery service provider, I hope you will find this article useful.

This article is based on what I’ve heard from people who are making money with Uber Eats.

Delivering on weekends

You can make more money on weekends and holidays simply because the number of deliveries increases.  According to Uber Eats data, there is an average of 80% more on weekends compared to weekdays.

Furthermore, quests (incentives) are often offered on weekends. Notifications of quests arrive via email around 7:00 p.m. the day before, so if you don’t have any plans, I recommend delivering with Uber Eats on days when quests occur.

Also, on weekends, I think there are more delivery requests in areas with many residences. I recommend delivering to office areas on weekdays during lunchtime, and to residential areas on weekday nights and weekends.

Delivering on a Rainy Day

rain day

As I uttered, there is more demand for delivery on rainy days. And since there are limited Uber Eats delivery partners that can do this dilemma despite the weather condition, they are likely to get a lot of orders.

Also, on rainy days, there is an incentive called a quest. It’s not absolute, but it’s usually there.Quests are special rewards that give you an additional reward of 400 yen for 4 deliveries, 1,200 yen for 8 deliveries, and so on, in addition to the delivery fee.

You can earn money on rainy days, but it is quite dangerous. You might slip on the some slippery floors on the road or could accidentally fall into manholes, and a greater risk of car accidents. Thus, always make sure you drive slowly and cautiously.

Deliver quickly

Deliver quickly

People who make a lot of money are aware of the need to deliver quickly. Fast doesn’t mean speeding up your bike or motorcycle to deliver, but rather eliminating waste.

I take routes that don’t have traffic lights, and I walk fast through my apartment. The key to earning money is to eliminate waste and deliver quickly, whether it’s the time it takes to go to the restaurant to pick up the product or to pick it up and deliver it to the destination.

Deliver in a well-traveled area

As mentioned above, the key to earning money is to deliver quickly, so you want to go the shortest distance possible. To do this, it is better to deliver in an area where you know the way and are familiar with it.

It’s great if you can tell from the address that you’re in that area, just like a cab driver. If you are delivering in an area that you are not familiar with, it is best to take the biggest road possible. You will be less likely to get lost and you will be able to deliver faster. Be careful about taking shortcuts through narrow residential streets in areas you are not familiar with. It can be a dead end, and you may end up getting lost and bogged down.

Motorbike has an advantage in the suburbs


Uber Eats delivery is basically done by bicycle or Motorbike, but Motorbike is more advantageous. In downtown areas such as Shibuya and Shinjuku in Tokyo or Umeda and Namba in Osaka, there are many deliveries, so there is not much of a difference in income between bicycles and Motorbikes.

But in the suburbs, you can make more money with Motorbike, partly because Motorbike receives more delivery requests, and partly because Motorbike receives delivery requests for farther distances. Uber Eats rewards, depend on the distance between the restaurant and the delivery destination. In Tokyo, if the distance from the restaurant to the delivery destination is 1km, the delivery fee is 405 yen, but if the distance is 2km, the fee is 459 yen.

Deliver in peak fare areas

Deliver in a well-traveled area

Peak fare is one of the incentives of Uber Eats. It means that there are few delivery partners in a specific area and there is high demand. You will see a heat map and the amount in orange or red on the map of the Uber Eats driver app. When you receive a delivery request within the area where the peak rate is in effect, the amount shown will be added to your regular delivery fee.

For example, if the normal delivery fee is 500 yen and the peak fee is 210 yen, you can earn 710 yen per delivery. So, if you see a peak rate on the map, don’t hesitate to head to the location.

Choose a good waiting area

good waiting

It would be great if you get a delivery request right after the delivery is done, but unfortunately that doesn’t happen every time, so it is important to know where to wait. Usually, delivery requests are sent to driver who are close to the restaurant where the order was placed, so it is best to wait near a popular restaurant.

You can search for restaurants in your area, for example by typing “most popular cuisine” to see and find the most popular ones. Since McDonald’s is usually on the top search, therefore you can spend time waiting there. Also, based on your research, you can wait in some other restaurants which belong to the top 5 search. It’s always a good idea to try different things and to do research as well. Uber Eats has frequent promotions. Most of them are free delivery campaigns for major chain restaurants. If they are running a campaign, it is likely that the number of users will increase more than usual, so it is a good idea to wait near that most popular restaurants. 

Exploiting boosts


A boost is a multiplier that is multiplied by the basic delivery fee and the multiplier is set differently depending on the day of the week, time, and region. It is an incentive that is given mainly during lunch and dinner hours when delivery requests increases.

By setting a boost, it has the effect of increasing the number of delivery partners during peak hours. The numbers in the image below, such as “1.4×”, are the multiplier for the boost. When a delivery request comes in from a restaurant in this area, the reward of the written multiplier will be added. In Tokyo, the basic delivery fee is high, so the boost multiplier is low, but in other areas, the basic delivery fee is low, so boosting is especially important.

Getting a tip

With the introduction of the tipping system in May 2020, Uber Eats delivery partners will be able to receive tips from customers. Of course, you can make more money if you get tips, but are there any tips for getting tips? To be honest, it depends on the personality of the person who placed the order, so there is a strong element of luck, but I think the two basic points are “deliver quickly and politely” and “greet people well”. If you do these two things well, I think your chances of getting a tip will increase.

Also, some people leave a delivery sheet, but in my opinion, it’s better not to do anything that is not written in the delivery memo or do anything unnecessary.

Avoid areas with many tower apartments

Avoid areas with many tower apartments

Tower apartments can be quite tricky. First of all, you may not know where the entrance is. Also, there may be several similar buildings, so you may not know which building you are looking for, and the way to press the intercom may be unique and confusing.

If you don’t know how to press the intercom, you have to call the person who ordered it and ask what to do, which can be quite time-consuming. It is inevitable for tower apartments in the city, but it is safer to avoid areas with many tower apartments such as Tsukishima or Tennozu. But one advantage is that you can have multiple deliveries at one time, sometimes in the same building.

Do other part-time jobs during idle time


On days when it doesn’t ring at all or during the idle time around 2pm to 5pm, you can give up on Uber Eats and get another part-time job. A famous place to find skim jobs is “Timee”. Timee is said to be the “part-time version of Uber Eats,” and is an app that matches people who want to make money in their spare time with stores that are short on staff and want to hire short-term workers.

If you start the Timee app, you will see a map of stores that are looking for part-time workers, and you can check the details and apply for a part-time job. Just like Uber Eats, there is no interview. You can find a part-time job even on the same day, so if you’re doing Uber Eats and you don’t get any rings, or if you’re tired of cycling, or if you just want a change of scenery, this is a great place to start!

More information about timee is available below.

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