Japanese Anime Singer LiSA

Japanese Anime Singer LiSA Anime

Lisa is a female vocalist who has become a household name in the anime song world, singing in a style that is anything but pop-rock.

She made her debut in 2011 with the mini-album “Letters to U” and will soon celebrate her 10th anniversary. She is actually having two mini-albums and two best albums (*not including best album sets). She has released 7 live BD&DVDs and sung theme songs for numerous anime productions. The singles she has released have always been at the top of the charts and she is one of the most popular singers, especially among the younger generation.

Supported not only by anime fans but also by rock fans, she has performed at many anime and rock festivals and was selected for the “70th NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen” in 2019.

They have been highly acclaimed both domestically and internationally for their outstanding performances, which have enlivened many fans by transcending the barriers between anime songs and J-POP, and their popularity is highly evident and. In addition to singing, she is also one of the hottest female artists in the industry, with an ambition to improve beyond one frame of reference, such as her dubbing challenge in the movie “Minions.

From Gifu to Tokyo, a fight with her mother


Lisa” is a female singer from Gifu Prefecture.

In 2008, she moved from Gifu to Tokyo to form the rock band “Love is Same All” and became a vocalist. However, many hardships stood in Lisa’s way before she moved to Tokyo.

Lisa had always wanted to pursue a career in music, and she traveled to Tokyo to perform and see some live shows.

As she spent those days, Lisa began to meet her fellow musicians, and her desire to “compete in Tokyo” grew stronger.

While balancing her music activities with a part-time job, she saved up enough money to move to Tokyo. She also decided on what place to live in Tokyo, and when she consulted her mother on a situation where she needed a guarantor to sign a lease, her mother was very much against it.

Lisa says she was “mentally a child” at the time. Lisa shrugged off her mother’s protests and left her parents’ home, almost as if she had run away from home. She started living alone in Takadanobaba, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo.

Opportunity provided by the encouragement of her band members

After moving to Tokyo, Lisa worked three part-time jobs from morning to night and spent her free time working on her music career.

All she could think of was, “I just have to do it! That was the only thing she could think of. She discussed music with her friends and always aimed to improve herself.

Then came a turning point for Lisa. If you are a fan of Lisa, you probably know this. Yes, she was asked to sing the part of Yui, the second vocalist of the girl band “Girls Dead Monster” in the TV anime “Angel Beats!

Lisa passed the audition which made her major label debut as “Lisa,” but there was a conflict in the background.

However, there was a conflict in the background: the existence of “Love is Same All,” a group she formed after moving to Tokyo.

They supported her in her new place, Tokyo. And the friends who overcame hardships together. Lisa wanted to leave her irreplaceable band members behind, and she wanted to go with them if at all possible.

Of course, since Lisa was the only one chosen, that was impossible.

However, it was the words of one of the band members, of all people, that encouraged Lisa in her struggle. You should definitely do it,” “This is your chance,” “What are you doing here in Tokyo?” They pushed Lisa to do it.

The encouragement of the band members helped Lisa to get up on her feet and become the Lisa that she is today. Without the words of the band members at that time, perhaps “Lisa” would not exist.

Fascinated by the singing voice

LiSA 『炎』 -MUSiC CLiP-

Lisa has taken the anisong industry by storm with her activities in Galdemo.

As of 2022, Lisa has been involved in many tie-up songs and has been used in famous anime productions such as “Fate Series,” “Sword Art Online Series,” “The Lesser Students of Magical High School,” “My Hero Academia,” “Blade of Oni no Kai,” and many more.

How did LiSA become so popular?

Diverse people feel differently, but one reason might be the way she sings.

Lisa’s singing is characterized by a peculiar voice that sounds as if it is squeezed to the very limit. It is like a cry, conveying a sense of desperation, as if she is appealing for something. Perhaps that is what appeals to some people.