Psychology of Japanese women who reply quickly

Psychology of Japanese women who reply quickly Love

You cannot judge whether you have an impulse or not just by the speed of the reply.

This is because it depends on the personality of the Japanese woman and the situation at that time.

A Japanese woman who does not want to keep messages to reply to will reply immediately, and a Japanese woman who does not care much about the content of a message will not reply quickly.

It may be that you just happened to be busy, so you got back to them right away.

However, if she replies quickly, there is a big possibility that she enjoys communicating with you.

There is a good chance.

Reasons for quick replies

Genuine goodwill

The psychology of a Japanese woman who replies quickly to messages is that she genuinely likes you.

There is no Japanese woman who would not be pleased to be contacted by a man who likes her.

Japanese women are more honest and are not good at playing games in relationships, so they respond to your messages by reading them immediately.

Japanese women who think that they might be disliked if they are too late in replying to you will also respond quickly.

If she responds immediately, but is polite and uses pictograms or sends cute stamps with her message, she may be interested in you.

She wants to talk a lot anyway

Japanese women who reply to messages quickly have an impulse because they want to spend as much time as possible with you and exchange as many messages.

This psychology is likely to be hidden when you have just met someone and are curious about what kind of person they are.

If you want to know more about the other person, you may ask some questions.

If you ever received a “?” mark from a Japanese woman, she probably wants to talk some more with you anyway.

I don’t message aggressively myself, but I reply as quickly as possible as a courtesy.

The more disciplined Japanese women are, the quicker they reply to messages they receive.

Although she may not be interested in you enough to contact you herself, she will respond to your messages as a matter of courtesy.

She will be quick to read and reply to others as well.

This is common among serious Japanese women who are good at their jobs.

They do not want to keep the conversation going for a long time, so they give only minimal replies.

They want to end it quickly

If you put off replying, it will take longer to end the exchange.

Japanese women who want to finish troublesome things as soon as possible will respond quickly.

Don’t you also feel rushed later on when tasks accumulate?

Japanese women feel the same way, and they respond to your messages immediately to avoid the hassle later on.

Since they have no intention of prolonging the message, their replies are often brief or simple stamps.

If they respond with the same phrases or the same stamps every time, they probably don’t have an impulse yet.

It is more counterproductive to persistently message her.

How to tell if a Japanese woman who replies to your messages quickly has a favor

A Japanese woman sends you a message

Earlier, there was a reason why a Japanese woman who replies quickly does not have a favor: “I don’t message her aggressively, but I reply quickly as a courtesy.

This is the mindset of a Japanese woman who replies as a courtesy because you have sent her a message.

In other words, if a Japanese woman goes out of her way to send you a message instead of sending one from us, it can be said that she has a favor.

This is because it is a very high hurdle for a Japanese woman to send a message from herself.

If a Japanese woman keeps sending messages to you even if you ignore her messages, you can be sure that she has a favor.

Message exchange continues

One of the criteria to determine whether or not a Japanese woman who replies to your messages quickly has a pulse is whether or not the message exchange continues.

If she reads and replies to your message right away, you can be sure that she has a pulse.

If the exchange continues for a long time, then you have a pulse.

The exchange will not continue unless the content of the reply is substantial.

In other words, while the replies are fast, the content of the replies areas also substantial.

I mentioned “she wants to end the conversation as soon as possible” as the reason why Japanese women who reply quickly do not have a pulse, but this does not apply to the case where the exchange continues because the Japanese woman is enriching the content of her replies.

Continuous communication is evidence that she enjoys talking with you.

She asks a lot of questions about you

One of the reasons why a Japanese woman who replies quickly has a pulse is that she wants to talk a lot, which is an indication that she wants to know more about you.

In other words, if she asks a lot of questions about your private life, she has a pulse.

For example, you can only talk about your family or how you spend your holidays with someone you are open to talking to, right?

If you ask a lot of private questions like these, a Japanese woman probably has feelings for you.