Unraveling the Intricacies of “Attack on Titan”: A Deep Dive into Foreshadowing and Storytelling

Attack on Titan Eren Anime
Attack on Titan Eren

“Attack on Titan” is a series that continues to captivate its audience with a series of shocking developments and mysteries. The quality of the foreshadowing woven throughout the series is so high that new discoveries continue to be made even after the original work has concluded. In this article, we will introduce and discuss the foreshadowing and resolution in “Attack on Titan.”

The original work was completed in 2021, and the anime is scheduled to end in the fall of 2023 with the final part of the final season. One of the features of this work is its meticulous foreshadowing. Not only the story, but also the numerous foreshadowings that make the audience groan have pushed this work to be one of the most famous in Japan. In this article, we will introduce and discuss the brilliant foreshadowing and resolution of “Attack on Titan” episode by episode. Along with the discussion of foreshadowing, the story will also be introduced, so please be aware that there are spoilers for the work in the article.

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Synopsis of “Attack on Titan”

Humanity was on the brink of extinction due to the sudden appearance of mysterious giants. They built a huge triple wall and maintained peace on the limited land. Eren Yeager is a strange boy who despises adults who are satisfied with the limited land and longs for the Survey Corps, which investigates outside the wall. When peace was broken and humanity saw hell again, Eren decided to exterminate the giants.

Analysis of the “Battle of Trost District” in “Attack on Titan”

Let’s start with the analysis of the Battle of Trost District, which depicts the time until Eren joins the Survey Corps.

Synopsis of the Battle of Trost District

In 850, when the Colossal Titan appeared again, Eren and the others also joined the battle. In the midst of this, Eren, who saved Armin, was eaten by a giant. However, he mysteriously revived as a giant. Using Eren’s titan transformation ability, humanity managed to plug the hole in the wall and reclaim the Trost District.

The Title “Attack on Titan”

At first, everyone probably thought that the title “Attack on Titan” referred to the giants attacking from outside the wall. However, it was revealed to be the name of the titan that Eren inherited. Of the nine titans that the progenitor Ymir divided her abilities into, the “Attack Titan” is a type that kept moving forward in search of freedom. Perhaps Eren’s longing for the outside and desire for freedom from the first episode was a foreshadowing of the Attack Titan.

“To You, 2000 Years Later”

The title of the first episode, “To You, 2000 Years Later,” was always a mystery and was considered by viewers. However, in the 80th episode of the anime, “From You, 2000 Years Ago,” it was revealed that the title of the first episode was from the perspective of the progenitor Ymir. Ymir, who lived as a slave to the king and sought love, had been waiting for someone to liberate her. It’s amazing to set a difficult foreshadowing in the title of the first episode, and the important foreshadowing recovery over 80 episodes is indeed “Attack on Titan.”

The Truth About Carla’s Death

One of the most famous scenes in the series is when Eren’s mother, Carla, is eaten by a titan. It turns out that this titan was being manipulated by Eren from the future. Eren from the future was setting up his past self to aim for the extermination of the titans. The fact that Carla’s death was shocking, this truth surprised many fans. It’s also shocking that the titan that ate Carla was Dina Fritz, the ex-wife of Eren’s father, Grisha.

Grisha’s Gaze

When Eren was a child, Grisha talked about showing him the secret basement that he had always kept secret. Eren is happy, but Grisha is looking in a different direction from Eren. In fact, Grisha in this scene was not talking to the child Eren who was there, but to the adult Eren who was looking at the memory from the future. The Attack Titan has the ability to peek into the memories of its successors. Grisha knew this and also knew that adult Eren was watching. The foreshadowing from the very beginning is too clever.

Analysis of the “Female Titan Arc” in “Attack on Titan”

Next, let’s analyze the Female Titan Arc, which depicts up to just before the siege battle at Utgard Castle.

Synopsis of the Female Titan Arc

The Survey Corps suffers a major damage from the suddenly appearing “Female Titan” who uses martial arts. In the midst of this, Armin identifies the Female Titan as Annie Leonhart, a fellow trainee. Although they carry out a capture operation, Annie hardens her body with the power of the titan, making torture and interrogation impossible.

The Female Titan’s Change of Direction

The Female Titan

, who was chasing Eren and the others, suddenly changed direction and headed for Levi’s squad. This was because Reiner, who was in the same squad as Eren, had written the location of Eren in the palm of his hand and showed it to the Female Titan. This was a foreshadowing of the fact that Reiner was a traitor who was cooperating with the Female Titan.

The Truth About Marco’s Death

In the Battle of Trost District, Marco, who was a friend of Eren and the others, died in a mysterious way. It was later revealed that Marco was killed by Reiner and Bertolt. Marco overheard the conversation between Reiner and Bertolt and found out that they were the Armored Titan and the Colossal Titan. Reiner and Bertolt, who were afraid of being exposed, decided to kill Marco. This was also a foreshadowing of the fact that Reiner and Bertolt were traitors.

The Truth About the Wall

In the last scene of the 25th episode of the anime, a titan is found inside the wall. This was a foreshadowing of the fact that the wall was made by the power of the “Founding Titan,” which can control the titans. The wall was actually made by the Founding Titan, who made the titans harden their bodies and form a wall.


“Attack on Titan” is a work that is full of foreshadowing and is fun to watch over and over again. The foreshadowing that was set up from the first episode is brilliantly resolved, and the story is woven together in a way that makes you want to watch it again and again. The final season of the anime is currently being broadcast, and it is expected that there will be more shocking developments and resolutions.