Why the Japanese are so fashionable

Why the Japanese are so fashionable Japan

Have you ever thought that Japanese people are fashionable? For better or worse, the Japanese are sensitive to fashion trends and are constantly improving themselves. The following is an introduction to how Japanese people are conscious about fashion.

Wear clothes “for others to see”

Japanese people care more about “how others see me?” omit this than their own comfort.

For example, in order to make their legs look slimmer, they wear “skinny jeans” that are so tight that it is difficult to bend at the knees.

Of course, jeans that cannot be bent are uncomfortable to wear.

However, the first priority is to look good and comfort is secondary, so this type of jeans are also popular in Japan.

Easily influenced by fashion trends

Japanese people basically have a strong desire to be fashionable like people who belong to the fashion industry.

As a result, the streets are filled with people who look like they coordinating with the models in fashion magazines.

Also, while there would be no problem if fashion trends lasted for a long period of time, in Japan they are very short-lived, with a single trend lasting two years at maximum

And when a fad ends, the clothes that were popular before are almost never worn anymore.

Japanese women want to look cute with a childlike atmosphere.

In terms of Japanese women, fashion is characterized by whether or not they look cute.

They tend to favor a childlike appearance, such as droopy eyes and bangs with makeup.

Women known as “beauty witches,” who look younger than their age, are also likely to be influenced by this trend.

On the other hand, “Harajuku-style fashion,” with its distinctive individuality, is also popular among the Japanese.

It is characterized by clothes, hair color, and flashy patterns, and most people hinge on this “cuteness”.

They deliberately wear larger sizes, wear their hair in twin-tails, and express their own taste for “kawaii”. 

Buying clothes only if the clothes are authentic or worthy of acceptance

Japanese people wear clothes because they are cute or cool, not because they fit them.

They are always concerned about what others think of them, saying, “It’s trendy to wear this,” or “this particular dress is considered good to wear.

When complimenting someone, they always say, “Your outfit is cute/cool,” and the main subject of the compliment is the outfit itself.